Yahuah Is In The Truth

Originally posted on November 27, 2020 @ 5:32 pm

Since I was a kid I have paid close attention to right and wrong.  It seems to be in my DNA.  From age 12 I have been highly sensitive to what amounts to evil, and to good.  It is both blessing and burden.  I cannot turn it off, and cannot imagine any other way of being.

The disgusting attempt to place Biden/Harris in office literally makes me nauseated, but every day I see the hand of Yahuah directly involved in Trumps vindication. Trump will prevail because He said through a reliable prophet several years ago Continue reading “Yahuah Is In The Truth”

Demand For Investigation Into Election Fraud Getting HOT

Rising demand that the US Justice Department immediately investigate the election fraud.  Seize the voting machines before the code is changed, and if too late for that, seize the company (Nancy Pelosi’s husband is a major share holder in Dominion) that sold the software to the Election Commission.

Get moving, Barr.

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Welcome To The War