No “Lovin’ Feeling”?

Originally posted on December 6, 2019 @ 1:40 pm

I ride a mountain bike for fun and relaxation.  In order to get to the “relaxation” part, I generally have to exhaust myself, and brothers and sisters, I do mean exhaust.  Sometimes my legs are wobbly as I load my bike onto its rack on the back of my 4Runner.  This is because in order to get to that “relaxation” part, I have to ride 3+ hours, and its 3+ hours of some serious mountain biking (MTB) effort.

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Stress, Anyone?

Originally posted on November 10, 2019 @ 11:38 pm

I don’t know about you, but the social tension/aggression is really growing, especially in the USA.

Recently I watched a video on Youtube produced by Jason A, and it was about street violence.  Really shocking stuff, and one guy took a sledge hammer to the car of another guy, then hit the driver of the car in the back with the sledge hammer as the driver tried to run away.

Crazy stuff.

Two days ago I was standing on the sidewalk of a burger joint with my 4-yr old held high in the air and my 10 and 12 yr olds standing there talking to me as we waited for my wife to join us from the car.

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Sensing Major Global Upheaval Within Months: Tribulation-Level Governance

People around the world are becoming highly tuned to the power and control grab by governments everywhere.  Top of the list in the minds of most people is China, and yes, China is an out-of-control pirate ship.  But the under-the-radar candidate for the top position, and the nation most likely to succeed, is Continue reading “Sensing Major Global Upheaval Within Months: Tribulation-Level Governance”

Welcome To The War