End-Time SIGN: The Ottoman Sword Rising | Is AntiChrist ROMAN/ GREEK? Hagia Sofia Converted To Mosque

Steve Cioccolanti is a church pastor in Australia who is a very faithful servant of Yahuah. He often produces some very good teaching videos and this observation by Steve regarding the Turkish government recently taking over the largest church in the world is startling. An Islamic Imam walked up to the lectern of the church carrying a sword. Big message.

Steve goes on to observe that this overtaking of this specific church is an absolute biblical sign/completion indicating that the global leader is about to step forth, and that he will come out of the Ottoman Empire region, probably out of Syria.

This is an important video for those who follow Yahusha in worship of Yahuah.

John McCain – A Complete Fraud & The Obama Administration Took Bribes From Iran?

If you follow the deep-state political war taking place in American government, you know that the stakes are huge for both sides.  It is vital for the Republic that Trump succeed in exposing, charging and arresting the arch criminals in our government.

I thought that, as an example, I would share with you two examples of the fraud and treachery that we have been victims of.

One is Senator John McCain.  When I was a neocon 15 years ago, McCain was one of my heros.  I was “All in” for the Project For A New American Century, and in agreement that we should conquer the middle-east.

But I gave that nonsense up a few years ago when I realized that the whole of US government was profoundly corrupt, in the most satanic fashion.

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