Signs That Food Availability Is Also Being Diminished

Food supplies being constrained.  A days wages for a quart of wheat or a jar or barley.  Food WILL be hard to get and expensive when you get it.

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New Video Page Added – Food Shortage Coming Soon

After learning about the coming famine, and starvation is part of the tribulation era, you will know for certain you need to store food.

Ice Age Farmer


Hurricane Harvey Is A Major Warning

The destruction of Houston is far worse, and of a much wider scale than we can properly wrap our brains around.

Houston is a very large, very muscular, intelligent and hard-working city.  I know, because I lived there until 2012, and was professionally employed to recruit mechanical engineers for the oil and gas companies.  Houston is a “Super City”.

It has the largest deep-water port in the United States, and trade from all over the world enters through the Houston Ship Channel.  Trucking, manufacturing, and oil refining are all oriented around Houston and the thousands of oil tankers lined up to deliver crude oil to the refineries linked just below.

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Originally posted on August 31, 2017 @ 9:59 pm