Secure Communication, Secure Email, Secure Phone, Secure Texting

Please comment below if you want to establish secure communications with me, and I urge you to do so immediately.
I use for encrypted computer email. Its free. You can get it on your phone too, for a small fee. Set up an account and comment me your email address. This is a private thing and I will only email you if all other channels are blocked.

I use for encrypted phone texting, phone calls and video calls. It also is free and is reliable. When you install Signal on your smart phone, please comment below.

All comments for this posting are invisible. No one will see your comment except me, and when I save your information to my encrypted phone, I will delete the comment from here.

I want to keep up with many of you. I do not want to lose you, or worry about you, and this is the most reliable, secure way I know to maintain contact.