These Days Are Difficult And These Are The Easy Ones.

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Ecc 1:17  And I give my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness and folly: I have known that even this is vexation of spirit;
Ecc 1:18  for, in abundance of wisdom is abundance of sadness, and he who addeth knowledge addeth pain.’

My life now. I know that many of my friends here suffer from the same sorrows.  In our wisdom, given through the Holy Spirit of Yahuah to all who are called to life, we grieve over the progress of the Seven Seals, and greater sorrow is to come.  We are obviously in the era of the Seals.  But we see these times as the fulfillment of the promises of Yahuah.  Every step the world slouches toward Gomorrah, we draw another step toward freedom and liberty and life and light and love and peace and joy eternal.  Continue reading “These Days Are Difficult And These Are The Easy Ones.”

The Famine Is Coming To Us. Dress For Victory.

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All-Congregation Fellowship Dinner this Saturday - Follen Community Church

The good news about the coming famine is that most of us will finally lose weight.  For that I am truly thankful.  In fact, in anticipation of the coming famine, about six years ago I bought pants with size 32 waist because I knew that when the famine came, I would want to look good.  If you want to look your best, go buy some clothing that reflects the pending “new you”, because the new you is a certainty.  You might as well hunger in new clothes that fit and look good on you, if only to spite the globalists and for no other reason.  I am of course quite serious. Continue reading “The Famine Is Coming To Us. Dress For Victory.”

Podcast: The End Of Days Approaches, But Before That…

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Podcast: Clarity regarding the open and opening seals.  Some hope, but the third seal is being prepared and is already opening.  The Fourth Seal is soon coming.  That Fourth Seal is pivotal.  Many will go, both the Righteous and the unrighteous.  Hades comes with death.  Continue reading “Podcast: The End Of Days Approaches, But Before That…”

Why I Believe The Fifth Seal Might Be Our Redemption. It Is Close. Will You Be Redeemed?


I wrote this six months ago and saved it as a draft.  Then I forgot about it and just found it again, so I published it.  What are your thoughts on the outcome suggested?  – Jerry. Shabbat Shalom!

The Seven Seals prophecies are written in Chapter Six of The Revelation.  Of those Seven Seals, the first four are essential for the saved to know.  Why?  Because the first four seals deal with all of mankind, the saved and the lost.  The last three seals (five, six, seven) impact the people who are unsaved and probably those who become saved after the Fourth Seal, during the time of the Wrath of Yahuah.

Continue reading “Why I Believe The Fifth Seal Might Be Our Redemption. It Is Close. Will You Be Redeemed?”

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