Prophecy of Joan Schmitz, 1973

Originally posted on April 1, 2022 @ 8:07 am

Joan Schmitz, prophecy in 1973

Vision 1

While in intercession in the Spring of 1973, I received two visions.  What I saw and heard I now write, as the Lord has confirmed that this is His time for me to write them down, for they are for the Body of Christ.

Scene 1 As the vision opened I saw myself digging in a garbage bag.  This so surprised me that out of my spirit I said, “Lord, what am I doing digging in a garbage bag?”  It was then that a man appeared before me.  He was skin and bones, having hollow eyes.  The Lord spoke into my spirit – “FAMINE.” Continue reading “Prophecy of Joan Schmitz, 1973”

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