Russ Dizdar Interview – “The Black Awakening: Rise of the Satanic Super Soldier and the Coming Chaos”

This long interview is amazing, terrifying, depressing, and true. Russ Dizdar, if you do not know him, is a very trustworthy worker for Yahuah. He has been fighting directly against demons for DECADES, and is highly respected by his peers, including

In this interview/discussion, the Hagmans and Steve Quayle discuss the “super soldier” in detail. You definitely should listen to this in its entirety, because you need to know how deep and wide this is; you need to know specific examples of the levels of violence that is documented on some of these “super soldiers”; you need to know how pervasive these things are, that you might live next door to one, or have one for a pastor, or a teacher at your kids school.

It is a global entity.  Millions in America, millions in Europe, Australia and the Middle East.  There will be an explosion of world-wide ultra-violence and subsequent panic of the public, seeking any solution.  Enter Lucifer…

This is the real deal and we will face this enemy. You will be personally impacted by them, so you absolutely need to know what you are up against. Ignorance will hurt you in this thing.

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Russ Dizdar; The Black Awakening

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Knock Knock! “Who’s There?” :)

05:49 AM, Friday.  On the headphones is the band Imagine Dragons, an Indi Rock band that I have grown quite fond of.  The album is EVOLVE, and the music is great.  Just fantastic, and I like it at about 50 percent volume.  Louder would be just fine for me, but not for my ears.

The particular tune playing as I start this is the song “Rise Up”.

I encourage you to read and study the Word of Yahuah.  Trust Him, lean on Him, and never try to “figure Him out”, because you can’t.  No one can.  Paul tells us that Yahuah is “inscrutable”, and that means “you cannot figure Him out”. Continue reading “Knock Knock! “Who’s There?” :)”