Will The Righteous Be Spared From The Coming Evil? Prophet Isiah Says Yes.

Originally posted on May 29, 2021 @ 2:35 am

I am listening to Gregorio Allegri, from his album titled “Sacred Treasures II”.  The current track is ‘Amplius’.  I am in my attic office at 1:25 AM and it is raining hard against the roof, with thunder in the distance.

Music gives me hope.  Yesterday it was Def Leppard, played at a robust volume through my very precise In Ear Monitors (IEM’s).

Holy Scripture does the same for me.  It gives me hope.  I am sure of my salvation and subsequent ascension into paradise.  It is the living that I find most painful.  I force myself to do some fine things just to push out the despair from my soul.  Despair driven by sad and unnecessary defeat at home.  Continue reading “Will The Righteous Be Spared From The Coming Evil? Prophet Isiah Says Yes.”

Purify Your Heart & Clean Your Rifles

Originally posted on January 9, 2021 @ 12:30 pm

Remember my vision of the flaming sword and the Words spoken to me by Yahuah, that “I am coming to separate the Righteous from the unrighteous.”?

The separation is nearly complete.

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Podcast -Torah VS Salvation: Which Is Better?


It is obvious that salvation and eternal life is immeasurably better than the covenant promising prosperity to the Torah observant.  The New Covenant is as superior to the former covenant as the suns light is superior to a Ray-O-Vac.  Yet many Torah-centric churches do not teach the New Covenant, choosing rather to dress up in Rabbinical tradition and omit the cross.

I understand the interest, but much of Rabbinical teaching is pure blasphemy and totally absent of wisdom and understanding.  In fact, virtually every “Rabbi” (which means “my master”) is an unsaved anti-Christ, a fact ignored by most Tallit-wrapped Torah teachers.  Why is that?

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Does The Apostle Paul Close The Book On Torah? On The 10 Commandments? – Shabbat Shalom


Hallelujah!  I praise Yahuah and cherish my home with Him.  I love every hardship, every rejection, every denial, every victory, every loss, every hour of loneliness and sorrow, every moment, every twinkling of His presence.  Regardless if I live or am burned in this world- Yahuah is my El Shaddai, He is my glory and my redeemer.  I sought and I found.  I knocked and He invited in.  He is my rock, as every man will fail God, will fail himself, will fail you and will fail me.  You will fail many.  I will fail many.  We are broken vessels accepted into Glory by the Merciful One.

The Apostle Paul, hand-picked by by The One, known for eternity before birth, and dwelling in Righteousness with his great reward for a life given up in service to Truth, told us plainly that there is a New Covenant.  Those who deny the New Covenant also deny the teacher chosen by Yahuah Himself.  It is madness to turn away from Truth, clinging to death instead, all in the name of Righteousness. Continue reading “Does The Apostle Paul Close The Book On Torah? On The 10 Commandments? – Shabbat Shalom”

The Tongue: Some Truth

Originally posted on January 3, 2022 @ 9:15 pm


Tonight I wanted to dig up some information on “tongues”, and went to the Internet to see what I could find.  Unfortunately, there is nothing but argument and nonsense on that topic.  Apparently, people abuse the “gift” (as it is called by men), pretending and masquerading on the hope that they are saved because they “have it”.  Other experts say its all nonsense, or that it died with the disciples, or that there has to be a crowd or that there can only be a few.  All absolute rubbish.  The ‘two or at most three’ thing is Paul commenting on speaking in an assembly of men and Paul talked and talked and talked.  Personally, I cannot imagine speaking the language in the presence of anyone at all.  I do pray in church on Sabbath, but quietly.  No one hears me except our Father.

Public prayer is not what the language is all about.  Continue reading “The Tongue: Some Truth”

“Catholic” – The Utter Horror of It. Are ANY Catholics Saved? The Truth Is This: Obedience To Yahuah Is VITAL For YOU.

Originally posted on July 27, 2019 @ 11:56 pm

I just woke up from a most wonderful nights sleep, and am at my desk drinking a big mug of coffee.  I was pondering the possibility of Israel being the “little horn”, and found a neat website with some good information on it, but it was about the Vatican being the ‘little horn’.

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Lawlessness – The Cornerstone of Christian Faith

Originally posted on August 15, 2021 @ 11:38 am

People wonder why the Christian Church is so weak and ineffective, unable to resist the most blatant wickedness of Satan.  It is not because God is weak, but rather because churches teach and made a cornerstone of the satanic lie that the Law no longer applies.  In effect, the Christian pastors have legitimized sin, therefore reaping the harvest that they themselves planted.  The delusion of the “grace doctrine” and the Christian war against Truth.

The Lord Yahuah will allow people to believe a huge error because they “did not receive the love of the truth.”

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Welcome To The War