Laughing At The Apocalypse


Live in peace.  You.  Yes, you.  Live in peace.  As much as is possible, live in peace with everyone.  That includes the people you dislike the most.  Living in peace might mean that you simply stop speaking to a certain person.  It might mean that you exert a little more effort to get along with a particular person.  I think that mostly, it just means accepting that some people are merely different in ways that we do not like, and for various reasons those behaviors irritate us. Continue reading “Laughing At The Apocalypse”

Have The Demon “Gods” Already Returned And Repossessed America?


The world is getting wild and crazy.  In Poland the people are lining up in their cars, trucks, tractors and trailers for currently three days in order to get coal to keep them warm in the winter.  Yes, three days in line on the street waiting to get coal which they will not need for at least a couple of months.  Why the desperation?  Because they already know the world is coming unglued.
Would you believe that “demons” are driving this lunacy?  Probably many of you would.  So an interesting thing was said recently regarding demon possession, sin and the return of the demons after being cast out, with the condition of the house being worse off than before the demon was cast out.  Continue reading “Have The Demon “Gods” Already Returned And Repossessed America?”

Welcome To The War