A Letter To You

Originally posted on October 16, 2022 @ 11:14 am


Do you find yourself walking alone in the dark?  Does it seem some days that the Spirit of Truth left you?  That there is no “God”, that He has abandoned you, or that you have abandoned Him? In these present days, that experience is increasingly common.

How many prayers are enough?  When does the “merciful”, “loving”, ‘eager to forgive’, “all knowing” ALAH restore ?  When does He imbue peace upon a troubled one?  Who prayed for me when I was marked?  When I was turned?  Perhaps my mother.  Possibly my dad.  Yes, certainly my mother, who prayed for me all my life.  I have never heard of my dad praying for me, and there is no one else who prays for me on a consistent basis.

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