Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: “Understanding the American Civil War”


I have followed Dr. Paul Roberts for many, many years, and love his intellectual honesty and integrity.  When I found this article on the Civil War, I read it immediately and learned some magnificently important things.  I learned this even though I have a university degree in history and emphasized revolutions in my history studies.  Dr. Roberts proved for me that I was correct, that the U.S. Civil War was never about negroes and slavery.  That was apparent in that it took Lincoln over two years into the war to issue his “Emancipation Proclamation”.  Had the Civil War been about slavery, then Lincoln would have issued his decree at the very beginning.  

Instead, the northern industrialists had a different objective, to which the South refused.  The northern industrialists were so greed-driven that they offered to actually codify slavery into the U.S. Constitution if only the South would yield to their financial demands.

This is a stunner.  See for yourself…

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The American Gestapo A.K.A. FBI, by Paul Craig Roberts


Paul Craig Roberts is a Reagan-era scholar of note, more on him at the bottom of this post.  When he states that the Marxist/Fascists in DC are probably going to find a way to cancel the November ’22 elections, its a concern.  They are trying to generate a revolution by attacking President Trump.

The American Gestapo A.K.A. FBI, by Paul Craig Roberts

“What kind of Justice Department official would sign off on a FBI raid on a former US president’s home when the president is fully cooperating with the spurious “investigation” of him?

What kind of judge would issue the warrant and then hide it from view by sealing it?

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