Australians, Please Contact Me Via Email.

If you live in Australia, please contact me either by email or by commenting.  This is a private thing, so security will be adhered to.  I see what your government is doing, and it is horrifying.

Many of you have commented on your situation there and I want to see if I can help you form a network.  I am careful and naturally suspicious when doing things where security is required.

If you are interested in forming a network that I will privately manage for you, please send me an email with the name of your general area.  I do not need anything other than that at this point.  For example, if you live near Perth, just write “Perth”.  That is all I want, and from the responses I will make a map on paper and see how this fleshes out.

More on this later.  For now, if you live in Australia and are interested in forming a trusted network, send me an email ( with the name of your local area.  Please make sure that name is on the map.

That is all I want at this time.  I need to see where and how many.  Let’s get that done ASAP.  Use a VPN if you are truly paranoid 🙂  I do.


Comments – check to be notified of comments here, and you guys can start networking.  Use because it is secure, encrypted and free.  If you use other email services, your mail is read by computers and you know where that will end.  Also, your cell phones.  They are BEACONS beaming your contacts and whereabouts and browsing habits directly to the government.  A cell phone is never secure.  Never.  It reports everywhere you go, it reports everyone you text or speak to.  Remember that.  If you want to use a landline securely, speak in a whisper when you talk.  No vocal cords means no voice print.  So WHISPER 🙂 


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