Is the Saudi Oil Refinery Damage a False Flag To Activate War Against Iran And Save Benjamin Netanyahu? Take a Look…

Originally posted on September 16, 2019 @ 11:23 am

Stampede the herd. That’s how globalists and war mongers manipulate the masses. First, create a problem. Then identify the cause, and finally, act on an acceptable solution. Classic Hegelian Dialect.

The quotes below are only a few of the dozens of headlines blaming Iran directly for damaging the Saudi oil facility, and maybe Iran did. But I know that if I were Iran, I would NOT USE MY OWN weapons to do it, as those weapons would be potentially identifiable after an investigation. As of this writing, I have seen zero evidence of any weapons at all, much less identifiable Iranian technology. And isn’t the weapon usually destroyed with the explosion, leaving behind little proof of origin?

RIYADH, Sept 16 (Reuters) – The Saudi-led military coalition battling Yemen’s Houthi movement said on Monday that the attack on Saudi Arabian oil plants was carried out with Iranian weapons and was not launched from Yemen according to preliminary findings.


The Washington Post – RIYADH, Sept 16 (Reuters) – The Saudi-led military coalition battling Yemen’s Houthi movement said on Monday that the attack on Saudi Arabian oil plants was carried out with Iranian weapons and was not launched from Yemen according to preliminary findings.


The Times of IsraelIran fired dozens of cruise missiles and drones in a Saturday attack on Saudi oil facilities, a senior official in the Trump administration told ABC News on Sunday.

Instead, US officials have insisted Iran was directly responsible for the massive attack on Saudi oil facilities Saturday which shut down half of the kingdom’s output and sent energy prices skyward.

Lets review some images, shall we?

Look at the damage.  The structures are still standing, appearing even intact.  I see only some evidence of fire.  The structures appear to be only burned, or scorched.  They are all still standing, and there are no craters as one might expect in a cruse missile explosion.  And 17 strikes?  Seventeen, and no radar picked up that long train of missiles flying toward this key global oil refinery?

Note that the large, round oil containers or tanks all appear empty, too.  That seems odd for a facility that allegedly processes 5 percent of the global oil supply, as that is a LOT of oil.

Cruise Missiles Obliterate Targets


Cruise missiles do a lot of damage, typically destroying every structure they hit, especially structures in the open and unprotected by blast shields.  Look at the image below and note that every building hit by a cruise missile is totally destroyed.  Doesn’t it stand to reason that if “17 cruise missiles” were detonated on the ground in Saudi Arabia, they might actually obliterate exposed structures?

This “Iranian strike” took place right after John Bolton was released from service by Donald Trump.  Bolton was Israels best war hawk in the White House.  Doesn’t it stand to reason that Israel might immediately activate “Plan B”, and strike Saudi Arabian oil processing facilities to blame it on Iran?  And since this facility processes oil for global distribution, it would get the interest of governments world wide.

I might be significantly off base here, but it does not look to me like any “cruise missiles” were used to do this damage.  It looks much more like explosives were placed by hand to do minimal damage and create significant panic.  Seventeen is a big number, and I just do not see Iran doing anything this stupid.  What does Iran stand to gain by using equipment traceable to them to start a war where everyone might be aligned against them?

Who gains the most?

Israel.  Israel gets war oriented toward its enemy Iran, and since there is an election this week in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu stands to gain more votes.  War-time Presidents/Political leaders almost always gain votes when hostilities develop.

When is the election for Prime Minister in Israel?  Tomorrow.

Desperation Time For Netanyahu

The election comes just two weeks before Netanyahu, who failed to form a majority coalition government after a vote in April, faces a pre-trial hearing in connection with three separate corruption cases: Bribery, fraud and breach of trust. The prime minister denies wrongdoing.

“Netanyahu is desperate to be re-elected and to form a government because this is the only viable way for him not to go to trial,” said Uri Dromi, an Israeli political analyst.

Desperate times lead to desperate acts.

Video Up: Infrared Video of Alleged Tactical Nuclear Missile Strike On Hezbollah/Beirut and Benjamin Netanyahu’s 2018 UN Speech Where He Holds Up Map Of Beirut And Names Granary “Site 1”

Hi.  Sorry that Google censored the video I provided for you last night, and that video is impossible to recover as of this writing.  But the main thing I wanted you to see is an infrared version showing a missile strike that caused the main explosion.

I cannot guarantee that this video is bona fide, but it certainly looks it.  Plus, Benjamin Netanyahu made a speech before the UN in 2018 where he held up a map, pointed at that very harbor and stated that it was a Hezbollah munitions warehouse and a legitimate target of Israel. At the top of the map are the words “Precision Guided Missile” and on the map at the location of this weeks blast “SITE 1”.

Israel Identifies Locations of Hezbollah Munitions Factories In UN Speech in 2018

Go to 17:50 to see him holding up the map.

Netanyahu to UN Assembly, addressing Hezbollah:

“Israel knows what you are doing, Israel knows where you are doing it, and Israel will not let you get away with it”

Welcome To The War