Charles Nenner: “No Way Out. Dollar Collapse And War In 2023”


I almost want to apologize for delivering some hard, cold, dark information this week, but we all have to take a sober look at the road ahead.  While I certainly believe that Yahuah will feed His people, there will be a lot more people who remain unfed.  Even the vision Yahuah gave me was a violent one.  That sword was huge, the flames were roaring and He said “I am coming to separate the Righteous from the unrighteous”.  The walls were reverberating with His Words, and I had that vision three times in a row.

So His strong sword is swinging onto the earth and some kind of separation is going to happen.  A massive, unstoppable and supremely destructive separation.  What does it mean? Continue reading “Charles Nenner: “No Way Out. Dollar Collapse And War In 2023””

Welcome To The War