Health Information: Stuff Your Doctor Doesn’t Know, Study or Talk About

Originally posted on February 5, 2020 @ 7:00 pm

Want to be well?

Here some links to reliable information that I have adhered to for 25-30 years.  Long time.  As a result of this good information and me paying attention to it, I have been to the doctor precisely four times in that same time period.

First time – popping a wheelie in the street on my mountain bike in a slightly altered state of consciousness.  Flipped backward, landing in the street in a sitting position and had to crawl back to my back door.  Not a health issue, but one of stupidity.

Second time – Poison ivy eating up my arms from riding that same mountain bike through a stand of poison ivy.  Not a health issue, but one of stupidity.

Third time – an actual physical with blood tests and everything.  Perfect, and in 2010.

Fourth time – broke my toe in Tae Kwon Do and went with wife to see the doctor.  We admired my treatment and she suggested that I get some blood tests done due to my old age.  They were done, eight pages of multiple tests per page, and all came back perfect.  100 percent perfect in every test.  My cholesterol was high in LDL and HDL, but in perfect balance, which is what matters.  I want high LDL and HDL in PERFECT BALANCE because it is good foe me.

Attribute my wonderful blessing of health to Yahuah, and to His directing me to this great information I am giving you today free.  I made the choice many decades ago that I would rather be healthy than wealthy, because wealth cannot buy health.

The coronavirus, if it strikes me, will be treated by me with vitamin c precisely as metered in the article on under the “Immune Response” link.

Start here:

Anti-viral info (from DoctorYourself home page) click here vitamin c.

The Healing Factor of Vitamin C: click here to obtain the book via free download

The information from this page can transform your life.  May Yahuah give you the wisdom to study it.

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