The Problem Of The Uninjected – What To Do With Us?

As more and more ignorant, uninformed people submit to the false threat of Covid-19 and allow themselves to be injected with the experimental gene therapy, they will begin to resent the rest of us who know better.  If the injected start dropping like flies, they will believe it when the globalist eugenicists lie and claim that the fault is not the so-called “vaccine”, but rather is the fault of the uninjected.  You and me.  Our families and friends.  The healthy will become the threat.

Solution: Ban the healthy from life.  Ban the uninjected from society.  Ban us from work, from school, from food.  Can you imagine the government requiring a permit, which will simply be a tax, to attend church?

I can.  I expect it.  In America, we can expect to be persecuted to no end for daring to say no to the government’s fascist-supported lies.  This is the big push, the full frontal assault on human life.  On your life.  On the lives of your children.  This is part of the reason that the US Government now supports injecting infants with the proven deadly “Covid-19 vaccine”.

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