May God Have Mercy On You, President Trump.


Greetings brothers, sisters, casual readers, hackers, American NSA spies, FBI Gestapo and all other brands of truth-seeking people.  Are you ready for war?  Are you ready to be arrested for being a truthful person who seeks fairness and even (dare I say it?) righteousness?  Or are you a Federal employee who never struck up a relationship with the actual “God”?  You know, you say you “believe in God”, and that is the absolute beginning and end of your “relationship” with Truth.

So my precious anti-Christs, remember this as you prepare to create war on mankind and to imprison the best of Americans in your blind and wicked obsession to please the baby-eating Satanists ruling America and the world – your day comes.  You will face your accuser and you will have no answer.  And at that very moment, you will find yourself in burning hell, as real as a blowtorch pressed against your cheek, and its eternal.  You know, forever.

Death will not free you from responsibility, but will instead immediately stand you before The One.  In the twinkling of an eye you will review your entire life, hearing every blasphemy, seeing every opportunity you had for salvation and enduring the excruciating horror of the reality seated before you that you denied Him over and over and over, mocking Christians and cherishing your flesh.

So go ahead and hunt the righteous.  We are ready, and we are prepared.  Death has no power over us. Death is, in fact, our liberator and your eternal curse.

I will not ask you to believe me.  Your damnation is up to Yahuah, the God you deny.  I will tell you this: Even after you have done the bloodiest of hateful acts, Yahusha (“Jesus”, if you prefer) will forgive you, right up to your final conscious thought as your lamp goes out.  Remember this: GOD WILL FORGIVE YOU OF EVERYTHING.  Do not let pride get you killed.  As you lay dying, and oh yes death will come for you, open your heart.  Ask Him to forgive you for everything.  You will not have much time, so don’t drag your feet.

And I forgive you already.  Death is my liberator, as it is for my children and my spouse.  We openly worship Yahuah and His teachings guide us in our lives.  Our bodies can be destroyed, but we will always live.

Brothers And Sisters

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Bank of International Settlements: This Looks Like The Birth Of The Single Global Currency From Satan’s Own Bank


Although I have been quiet lately, there is much to discuss.  Leading off today I want to re-post for you here a well-written and correct writing on the establishment of the one-world digital currency.  Their process is well thought out, the banks and personnel are prepared to move forward immediately and when they do, everyone on earth (except the “right people”) will lose all control over their money, regardless of where they live or where they do their banking.

When the plug is pulled on the life support system keeping the U.S. dollar alive, the dollar will fail and die.  The chaos which follows will immediately defer to the global “Bank of International Settlements” (BIS), and the BIS will very quickly establish itself as the centerpiece of all financial transactions, including yours.  Identification will be critical, so although the author does not touch on that subject, we already know that the global one-world bank will demand unique and air-tight identification “to protect the depositors”, so some sore of embedded ID will inevitably be required.

This is a loaded and cocked gun pointed at your financial independence.  This is close folks, and remember that the BIS is the international bank where Ronald Bernard worked and encountered the elite of the global Satanists.  Mr. Bernard has an incredible story, and he got saved at the very top of his business career.  Very remarkable. Continue reading “Bank of International Settlements: This Looks Like The Birth Of The Single Global Currency From Satan’s Own Bank”

Two Videos, One Light and One Dark. Learn From Both. Satan Is The Prince Of This World. Yahusha Is Our Redeemer. The Battle Is Full On.


Couple of videos for you this afternoon. One is short, about 12 minutes, and great. It will enlighten you and teach you and make you wonder about things you believe and in general, give all of us some truth that expands our love for Yahuah. Its a good video. Continue reading “Two Videos, One Light and One Dark. Learn From Both. Satan Is The Prince Of This World. Yahusha Is Our Redeemer. The Battle Is Full On.”

The “Vax” Seems To Change People. Notice That They Tend To Be Very Hateful

I just watched a video of a female nurse or doctor refusing to treat a young boy for a common infection because the boy has not been injected with the mystery chemicals in the so-called “vaccine”.  You will enjoy this, for sure. Continue reading “The “Vax” Seems To Change People. Notice That They Tend To Be Very Hateful”

Choking Us To Death With Shortages. Paupers We Will Be. The Hidden Hand Of Masonic Chaos


Below is a reprint of an article written by Mr. Michael Snyder yesterday.  I could have linked to it, but my concern is that readers often skip reading linked material.  I skip linked material sometimes, too. This article discusses magnesium and aluminum.  Pretty exciting, huh?  The acute shortage of magnesium makes it most likely that the production of aluminum will cease in the United States and possibly Europe.  Do you know what that will do to your life?

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Make Some Friends. Make Some Enemies.

Chaos.  Its standard operating procedure for the world today.  In the millions of pages that get published on the web every day, very few of them discuss the Free Masons.  I’m not going to discuss them other than to say that it is the satanic Masons behind the chaos.  “Order out of Chaos” is their motto at the 33rd degree level, and there are Masonic Lodges in every town, city and village of the USA and the world.  Masons are literally everywhere on earth, and they are an order of utmost secrecy.

I want to offer you hope.  Real, good hope.

Yahusha (aka: “Jesus”), loves those and indwells those who are loved by His Father.  His Father loves those who love His Son, Yahusha and subsequently live as Yahusha commands us to live.

“John 14:21 He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.

If you want to be saved, accept Jesus as your savior, confess publicly that Jesus is your Lord and read/study/obey the commands of Yahusha.  Your obedience is your proof. Your obedience is your public acknowledgement that Yahusha genuinely is your savior.

When you do those things, Yahuah (aka: “GOD”) will love you, and when Yahuah loves you due to your obedience to Jesus, Jesus will dwell within you and He will manifest Himself to you.

These are key.  These steps are how you know “what would Jesus do?”.  This is how you change.  This is how you begin becoming a celestial being.  This is how you start the journey of leaving this world even though you will live here until your body dies.

Using myself as an example, I assure you that I am not the man I was before I fell to my knees in total surrender to Yahuah.  I was a wicked man; a terrible human being.  I did not love anyone, and I openly cursed and mocked “God”.

Then He got my attention, and in that moment I turned.

I have never looked back, either.  My transition into the light was like going from a dark closet into bright sunshine.  It was radical, immediate and permanent.

Yahuah is real.  His Word is Truth.  He keeps His promises, He values mercy more than He values sacrifice, and He will be merciful to you and to your family.

Therefore, do not worry.

It is easy for me to write those words, yet I consider, read, study and evaluate new information every day.  That is my nature, a gift from Yahuah.  I was born to guard the righteous.  That is my mission and I will eventually be arrested and die for it.  For that, I am grateful.

This madness in the world WILL END.  We will ALL be inconvenienced, most of us in MAJOR ways.

What makes inconvenience painful is isolation.  When we are isolated and hungry, we are hungry and also afraid.  We are not designed to be alone.  You need to make friends.  You need friends, and so do I.  You need LOCAL friends, and I will tell you how to find some people like you.

When I go to the grocery store, I scan faces constantly looking for people who do not wear masks.  I want to meet them and I am going to start giving the few I meet my contact information.   Why?  Because they don’t wear a mask in the face of huge peer and social pressure to put one on.  Those are the kind of friends I want.  They might not be Torah, but they will be brave and that means warm or cold and NOT lukewarm.  Their actions, you see, reveal something good about their character, something that Yahuah values.

So, because you are lukewarm–neither hot nor cold–I am about to spit you out of my mouth.

Yahuah does not care for the squeamish, the cowardly, the timid.  He does not value those who submit to peer or social pressure.  In the land of Yahuah, one must be hard core.  In the Kingdom of Yahuah, one must be strong and relentlessly so.  We are not gummies.  We are not pliable or mamby pamby.

As I tell my wife and kids too often, Yahuah did not create me in this time so that I would go win popularity contests.  In fact, it can easily be argued that He created me to make enemies.  Yes, certainly He did.  Yahusha, the Living Truth, came to bring the sword, to bring conflict and division.  In short, Jesus came to make enemies.

Make some enemies.

Love your neighbor, and always stand by the Words.  Your neighbor, though he hate your guts, will respect you and Yahuah will esteem you.  Just stand strong in your actions of obedience, and Yahuah will take care of you.  You are not alone, you are cared for and this is the tribulation era.

Make some friends.

Welcome To The War