Bulletin: Israel & Iran Are Possibly Going To War

Steven Ben-Nun is a Torah observant Jew and follower of Yahusha.  He is also a reliable witness and I have listened to him for years.  He does have some good connections in high places in the US Pentagon and Israel.  Tonight he says that war between Iran and Israel might be imminent.

Its possible, because someone, most likely Israel, has been very steadily bombing key Iranian military installations in and around Tehran.  Six or seven major military targets have been blown up in the last few weeks in Iran, and no one is taking credit for the strikes.  Iran will suspect Israel and/or the USA, but is totally mum on all of it, making excuses or keeping quiet, depending on the facility destroyed.

Steven Ben-Nun states point blank that the new “lock down” in Israel is specifically intended to keep people at home in the event Iran strikes first in an open war.

If it comes to war, and it easily can, expect trouble in the USA.

We have a library of Stevens work here: https://www.jerrywdavis.com/israeli-news-live-steven-ben-nun/

Welcome To The War