Lin Wood Podcast – Fireside Chat 7. Banned Most Places. Not Here.

Lin Wood was the only person to absolutely nail it regarding the treason of Judas Pence.  Lin Wood made it plain that Judas Pence would betray the law and Trump when he voted to allow the electoral lies in January 6th.  Judas Pence deserves whatever happens to him.  His children and his children’s children will live with their shame for life.

Here is Lin Woods latest podcast.  He discusses, among other things, the CDC and the “camps” they are preparing for people who do NOT have the alleged “covid-19” virus, but who want to stay healthy.

Are you going?

EDIT – September 21st, 2023… Lin Wood is called a “Rat Bastard” for turning states witness against DJ Trump.

WOW! Joseph Flynn Calls GA Lawyer Lin Wood A “Rat B*stard” After His Name Appears On Witness List In Case Against Trump

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