The Prophecies Are Happening

I just wrote you a great post on the most noble of causes and touching on the pending destruction of America cited by many of the most reliable prophets in the United States and to my amazement, it just vanished into cyber oblivion as I sat watching it happen with my eyes wide with wonder. I guess Yahuah wants me to focus on the prophecies.

Lost Prophecies Of The Future Of America, by Michael Snyder. Buy the paperback or the Kindle version and read it. I recorded the book and those recordings are the last item on the top-level menu at the top of every page, listed by chapters. If you can tolerate my voice, then you can get started right now.

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September 8th, 2023: Prepare


Things are moving along quickly now.  Charles is King, and bear in mind that both he and his mother claimed kingship/queenship over Israel.  This will give Netanyahu pause, because certainly he, under the blaspheming Sanhedrin and its “Noahide” law, deigns to be king himself.

The bible is only a few clicks from outright ban, and if Trump is barred from office again, we will see legal action against the Holy Bible in America.  Finland is banning bible quotes.  We are only a few months from the real potential of a world-wide ban of Righteous speech.

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Welcome To The War