Shedding Is Apparently A Real Thing, Infecting The Unvaxxed. Here Is A Doctor With An Effective Cure.


Listen, I have a video for you.  Its somewhat technical, which isn’t exciting, but the information here is so good that last night I listened to it in a chair outside at 1 AM, smoking a cigar and thinking some bad things about the people in the world who are working so hard to kill us.

This whole covid thing is absolutely part of the global genocide, and covid is the least troublesome.  The vaxx is a huge problem, because people are apparently actually shedding the hydrogel technology into the blood of the unvaxxed.  The hydrogel technology.  Yeah, we can become compromised by the shedding of atmospheric (exhaled) hydrogel chemistry of a vaxxed person.

I don’t know how long that would take, or what kind of atmospheric concentration is required to spread it.  Maybe just a little bit every day until it reaches critical mass in the unvaxxed bloodstream?  So we need to make sure we consume nutrients on a daily basis which break down the hydrogel and eliminate it via the toilet.  I’ll look into that and publish what I find.

This all seems surreal to me.  Does it to you?

Listen to this video and maybe take some notes.  I’m going to listen to it again today.  Maybe tonight outside again.  Yahuah tells us that no weapon formed against us shall prosper, and the vaxx is definitely a weapon formed against us.  As I listened to the conversation on this video this morning, I kept asking myself how can we stop this madness?  I don’t know how.  It is a global plan from top to bottom, and they are succeeding.

I must say that I feel great.  No vaxx in my bloodline.  No one in my home or family is vaxxed.  Some have health problems unrelated to the vaxx, but otherwise, no problems.  Wait… I do have a grown child who no doubt took the vaxx.  And her last comm with me (two years ago?)was “You are insane“.  This child was responding to the excess death insurance data I sent, and I was not consulted about the vaxx before hand.  Pride and hatred ruin the prideful.  Maybe that childs’ injection was a benign one, or distilled water.  It’s possible.  I hope so.

You can go directly to the website of the creator, Mr. Prather.  A cool dude with good credibility.  There is a comment section under the video and you can comment there freely.  Ask for the formula of her (Dr. Mihalceal) IV solution.  That needs to be made public.  Withholding the formula would be like holding lives for ransom.

Chinese Doctors Begin Large Dose Vitamin C / Ascorbic Acid Treatment For Coronavirus. The Process…

I discussed here a week ago that Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a very special molecule, as the Chinese are now discovering…

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使用者Orthomolecular Medicine News Service细胞分子矫正医学新闻着作:Dr Andrew WSaul (Editor in Chief for Orthomolecular Medicine News Service)


“我还未⻅过有任何感冒不能被“高浓度(大剂量)维生素C治愈或得到明显缓解。”(Robert F. Cathcart, MD)

“细胞分子矫正医学新闻服务社”(Orthomolecular Medicine News Service)和“国际细胞分子矫正医学会”(ISOM, International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine)的专家医生们呼吁以营养素为基础的方法来预防或最大程度地减少未来病毒感染的症状。服用以下便宜补充品是成人推荐量。而有关孩童请根据其体重改变剂量。(注:若需要进一步免费中文谘询,欢迎联系TSOM )

  • 维生素C:3,000mg/日(或更多。分次服用)
  • 维生素D3: 2,000IU/日(从5,000IU/日开始,持续两周,然后减少到2,000IU)
  • 镁: 400 mg /日(柠檬酸镁,苹果酸镁,作为镁合物或氯化镁)
  • 锌:20 mg/日
  • 硒:100 μg/日

维生素C[1],维生素D[2],镁[3],锌[4]和硒[5]已经被证实增强对抗病毒的免疫功能“使用高浓度(大剂量)维生素C ”来预防和治疗病毒性疾病的临床基础实证可以被追溯至维生素C 成功治疗小儿麻痺症(脊髓灰质炎病毒)在1940年代末被首次报导[6]。关于这个事实,有很多人根本没有注意过,甚至很多人是非常惊讶地。然后,临床证据已经建立了超过几十年,而在1980 年出版了《病毒性疾病的治疗方案》。[7]

高浓度维生素C 在预防和治疗呼吸道感染方面的有效性已经得到证实。那些认为维生素C 本身有优点,但认为在高浓度下使用效果不佳或对身体有不良影响的团体,我建议请他们自己好好阅读原始论文。这些医生的研究被忽视是很久以前的事了,忽视造成更重要的问题就是:在这种病毒性疾病爆发的情况下,为什么这些重要和有用的医疗资讯不能从政府组织向公众传播?紧急公告“我还未⻅过有任何感冒不能被“高浓度(大剂量)维生素C治愈或得到明显缓解。”(Robert F. Cathcart, MD)Vitamin C Protects Against Coronavirus维生素C预防冠状病毒TSOM Taiwanese Society for Orthomolecular Medicine 授权翻译此文中文版

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