China Is Experiencing Flooding Like No Time In Its Known History, and Xi Jinping Is Nowhere To Be Found

We sometimes worry that China is a great danger to the USA, and China is in fact a dangerous enemy.  Enemy.  China wants to dominate the earth, and China is a giant pirate ship which steals everything it can get its bloody hands on.

But China is getting hammered into the ground by rain.  Weeks and weeks of torrential rain that is flooding China like no other flood in history.  Dams are breaking and the giant Three Gorges dam is in danger of breaking.

Xi Jinping has disappeared (awesome), and many attribute his disappearance to the Chinese virus which is spreading in Beijing.  Or maybe he fears assassination, which could certainly be possible.

China has even more serious problems than the USA.  China’s banking system is rotten to the core, and bank runs are building.  War will absolutely become inevitable if it is not already so.

I’m telling you that the only thing holding the world together is the will of Yahuah, because not one single institution I can think of is solid, reliable and vital.  Banking, religion, manufacturing, the military, government, medicine, education – pick anything and ask yourself if that niche is solid.  Even the casino business is struggling, and at least one major casino in Las Vegas is for sale.

So why do I want to smile?

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