Key Word: “Faith”

Originally posted on March 7, 2018 @ 9:49 pm

Lots of “believers” claim to have “faith” in God. But very few Believers know what “Faith” means in Hebrew.

FAITH- The Hebrew word for faith is  אמונה (emunah – Strong’s #530) and is an action oriented word meaning “support”. This is important because the Western concept of faith places the action on the one you have faith in, such as “faith in God”. But, the Hebrew word אמונהplaces the action on the one who “supports God”. It is not knowing that God will act, but rather I will do what I can to support God. This idea of support for the word emunah can be seen in Exodus 17:12.

Most readers of the Holy Bible think that “having faith” is important, and certainly it is, but what is most important about “faith” is this – In Hebrew, “faith” is an action word, a verb which means “support”. Therefore, when one is faithful to Yahuah, one supports Yahuah, not the other way around. The demand for action is upon the faithful, not on Yahuah. When we “have faith” we exercise faith by doing faithful things, and the only faithful things that matter to Yahuah is keeping His commands.

Because of this, we do not “have faith”, but rather, we act faithfully.

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A Letter To The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: “How Do We Know His Name Is Yahusha”?

Originally posted on February 13, 2022 @ 6:00 pm


There is a lot of discussion regarding the actual name of Yahusha.  Many still refer to Him as “Jesus”, and many call Him “Yeshuah” or “Yeshua” or “Yahushua” or other similar names.  There are excellent studies on His name, and one of the best is found in my Torah Notes (Torah Notes – The Truth).

I think this name issue is an important one, and here I present to you a short, succinct and accurate explanation of the Name.  Enjoy this and again, if you want a lot more detail, refer back to my Torah Notes, linked above.

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This is some information that a few of you will find interesting and some of you will find valuable.  It’s the history (a very short one) of the “Hebrew” name and people.  Not all “Hebrews” were Israel, but all Israel was Hebrew.  Or Hapiru.  Or Habiru.  And the Amalekites spoke in their histories about a “hiparu” people fighting their way through the desert.


Podcast: Famine, Floods, War, Giant Military Exercise

Originally posted on August 11, 2021 @ 4:07 pm

Sometimes I feel like the angel of death, delivering more and more tribulation news.  But in my heart I know that I am only warning people by giving them facts that align with the Seven Seals.  The Second Seal will most likely open this fall.  Look for a significant or even catastrophic war to break out in late October, maybe early November.  I look for Seals to open on or near Torah feast dates, and most of them are in the fall.  Some, but less, in spring.

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Stress, Anyone?

Originally posted on November 10, 2019 @ 11:38 pm

I don’t know about you, but the social tension/aggression is really growing, especially in the USA.

Recently I watched a video on Youtube produced by Jason A, and it was about street violence.  Really shocking stuff, and one guy took a sledge hammer to the car of another guy, then hit the driver of the car in the back with the sledge hammer as the driver tried to run away.

Crazy stuff.

Two days ago I was standing on the sidewalk of a burger joint with my 4-yr old held high in the air and my 10 and 12 yr olds standing there talking to me as we waited for my wife to join us from the car.

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Welcome To The War