For Texas Governor, I Vote For Colonel Allen West In The Primaries

Texas Gubernatorial Primary Ballot Members 

Allen West’s bio in the above list 

Gregg Abbott is weak and does not understand the urgency of the time we live in.  I voted for Governor Abbott twice, but no more.  Under Abbott, Texas has become the top human and sex trafficking state in the United States.  Sex traffic has grown gradually under Abbotts’ leadership, and he has had years to stop it.  Now Texas is the worst in the country.  Top two cities for human and sex trafficking in the United States?  In Texas.

Gregg Abbott – nope.  Lacks urgency and fierceness against evil.

Allen West is a better choice, and the best choice we have this election primary.  Vote in the primary for Allen West.  It is very important.

Colonel Allen Wests’ website:

Jerry Davis


Survival Depends On Your Willingness To Fight Tyrants


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