Major Censorship Law Went Into Effect Today. The Government Is Moving To Take Control Of All Pertinent Information


Official, global censorship started today.  A top-down attack on dissenting opinions.  Dissention will be called “illegal speech” or “hate speech” and the search engine operators are held accountable for not filtering “illegal speech” from search results.

Leviticus will be banned from search results soon.  Ivermectin will be banned from search results as they relate to “covid”.  The World Health Organization will be the gold standard for medical “truth” now.  Anything that deviates from the governments official narrative will be filtered out.

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“I Can’t Breathe” – Google Chokes Conservatism To Death

Rampant discrimination by Google has just today killed advertising revenue for two of my best sources of secular news: Zero Hedge and The Federalist.  I found out after reading Zero Hedge, then a good article in The Federalist regarding the Supreme Court decision on sex or gender, and then opening the tab of a third article I was interested in, only to be slapped in the face by Google stabbing those two news sites with bans on ad revenue.

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Blasphemy Has 3.6 MILLION VIEWS On Youtube in LESS Than 24 hours.

Originally posted on September 2, 2019 @ 10:59 am

This video (at bottom) declares that we are all, individually, Jesus; that we were Jesus 2000 years ago, and that we were His disciples, too.  That each of us is individually the ONLY PERSON alive and that we are ALL of them – ALL of the worlds population, forever.  That there are endless personal “realities” and that we are re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-incarnated until we become perfect at which point we join the gods as a god our self.

It was uploaded yesterday, and today at 10AM central time USA, has 3.6 million views, trending #1 on youtube.  Thats because google WANTS to promote this clever anti-christ lie.  A video of Donald Trump flying around by flapping his arms would not pick up that many views in such a short span of time.  Google is an arm of Satan, a tool he uses to twist up the minds of the masses.

This Andy Weir guy is the Pied Piper, leading the fools to death, and he is becoming quite wealthy from his lies, with 9,000,000 subscribers, that’s a lot of money for serving the satan.  Who knows – maybe Andy Weir is the Satan. Certainly he is a satan.

A youtube income calculator indicates that this liar is earning as much as $1.4 million USD per year for producing colorful, cheerful cartoon blasphemy.

Many big-name pastors do the very same thing – tell delightful lies to people who have ears itching to hear them.

3.6 MILLION VIEWS in LESS than 24 hours.

Put up a video on obedience to the Commands of Yahuah and keeping Torah and you will be doing well if you have one view in a week.

Google, of course, promotes whom it wants to promote and buries whom it wants to bury. is among the buried.  This site gets about one new subscriber per week.  But two months ago, someone at Youtube opened the floodgates for one month and I picked up over 1000 new subscribers.  Then, someone else found the change and locked me out again.

The world is one solid, integrated lie.  Only the Word of Yahuah is true.  Do not believe anything you see in the allowed media.  Satan is personally directing the show now, taking over some of the former duties of his top commanders.  The climax is coming, and he is getting ready, at last, to occupy the Temple.


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