Video – Rudy Giuliani VS Biden’s Sons Child Porn Hard Drives: China OWNS Biden. This Is Incredible

The Joe Biden/Jr. Biden/Chinese Porn story is blowing up huge.  In this interview, Rudy Giuliani tells a mesmerizing story of Biden’s staggering criminal corruption.  I was seriously impressed with the man, and I think you will be, too.  Certainly you need to know what is on Biden’s sons hard drives.  The Chinese own the Bidens.  This is huge.

If the video below disappears from youtube, please comment below or email me and tell me.  I have a high-def backup that I can post here, but I link to youtube in order to use their bandwidth and not my own.

Speaking of youtube, they killed FOUR of my subscribed channels yesterday with no warnings, no strikes, no “violations”.  Youtube is Hitlers bonfire.


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