The Evidence Says That The “Coronavirus” Outbreak Was A Planned Event

Most people know that already, and people are marching world-wide in protest of masking requirements.  Ignorance is deadly.

Information available below, along with a valuable interview on youtube, will help us understand that this bug, as I have been calling it, might in fact be a bacteria.  If so, then that itself explains why hydroxychloroquine cures it.  Hydroxychloroquine was created to kill malaria parasites (bacteria), over 50 years ago.

I’m betting that proper iodine loading will stop this bug cold.  You should look into that.  I take about 1/2 dropper of iodine every morning and have for years specifically because as a natural mineral, its inherent energy does kill harmful bacteria in our bloodstream.  Its a fascinating mineral that is no longer present in our food because of over-farming.

Anyway, take a minute to read this article and try to watch the video.  Not an action-packed video, but packed with great information that will make you stronger. Continue reading “The Evidence Says That The “Coronavirus” Outbreak Was A Planned Event”

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