If You Want To Do Well In The Coming Storm, Surrender. Give Up.

Originally posted on June 3, 2022 @ 11:42 am


Watching the Ken Peters vision last night (@2AM on this site, awesome), I re-realized the interesting contrast that we humans tend to make between actions of evil and actions of Good. Continue reading “If You Want To Do Well In The Coming Storm, Surrender. Give Up.”

In These Last Days, Who Will You Be?


I wonder how everyone is doing?  Are we getting ready for the apocalypse, or are we hoping for a rapture?  Will Yahuah delay His coming for another thousand years, or is His return imminent?  What are you thinking?  What is your family saying?  How are you living your lives right now? Continue reading “In These Last Days, Who Will You Be?”

Love: The Best And Most Difficult Choice.

Originally posted on November 20, 2019 @ 12:21 pm

Through a glass, darkly.  That is how the best of us live, seeing our lives through the Holy Spirit (if saved and having turned from our disobedience to obedience) and filtering the truth through our human minds and emotions.

Until we are free from our physical, dirt-centric human vessels, we must endure the imperfect understanding we live with now.  As human beings, we can never walk as we will walk with Him in the next.

So we march along, sometimes smug in our status, sometimes shamed by our sin, always dealing with the contrast between our dirt foundation and the righteous perfect love made manifest by the Holy Spirit, who dwells within those who love Yahusha and obey His commands.

Like shape-shifting “aliens” (demons) with a broken “shift shape now” feature, Continue reading “Love: The Best And Most Difficult Choice.”

Welcome To The War