Podcast: Trump, Food, Electricity, Fluoride


As things devolve into chaos, we can take the temperature of the disease by paying attention to a few things.  The Goliath facing Americans is the Federal government, a cabal of compromised politicians, bureaucrats and judges, plus the dysfunctional outlaw FBI.  The level of  anti-Christ behavior in American government is staggering, alarming and deadly for America.  If we do not stop them, we are dead.  When we attempt to stop them, we will die.  So death is on the menu, either from doing nothing or doing something.  Do not think you can wait this one out.  Its coming to your door. Continue reading “Podcast: Trump, Food, Electricity, Fluoride”

Information On The Drought. If You Live East of TX/OK/KS/NE/SD/ND, Prepare To Be Overrun By Those Fleeing The Drought.


Below is an excerpt from the article.  The water is in fact going to dry up.  People will in fact be forced to relocate.  Massive numbers, and many of them will have to go relatively far east to escape the drought.  I hope you do not have to relocate, but if you do, I hope it is easy and exciting for you.  Do be prepared to sell your home at a loss if you are leaving a dry area.  People aren’t moving into the soon waterless states. Continue reading “Information On The Drought. If You Live East of TX/OK/KS/NE/SD/ND, Prepare To Be Overrun By Those Fleeing The Drought.”

Interactive, Up-To-Date Map Of Food Fires: The “Big Picture”. Russia Posts Satellite/Map Coordinates Of Key U.S. And NATO Summit . Prophecies Address Demise Of America.


Here is a large interactive map of all of this years fires at grocery stores, food pantries, farms/animals, grain silos, manufacturing plants. Also shows computer hacks. One thing is obvious. Continue reading “Interactive, Up-To-Date Map Of Food Fires: The “Big Picture”. Russia Posts Satellite/Map Coordinates Of Key U.S. And NATO Summit . Prophecies Address Demise Of America.”

The UN Says Food Abundance Makes People Lazy, That Food Scarcity Makes People Grateful, And That Hunger Drives Profits Up


The United Nations removed this article from its website when people started reading it in huge numbers.  But I have a link to the article on the Wayback Machine

This is the philosophy of the United Nations.  Strength through weakness.  Vigor through starvation.  This is the aspiration and mantra of the World Economic Forum.  And dear friend, you are going to do without food and get skinny.  Remember when skinny was a goal?  Congratulations.  You are almost there.

The wealthy need laborers who will do the most menial of tasks for very low wages.  Those tasks cannot be profitably done is the labor is expensive, so food is going to become scarce and expensive.  If you want to eat, you better grab a shovel and start digging that ditch or packing that Amazon box.

The future under Klaus Schwab

Imagine living in Dachau or Auschwitz.  Imagine it.  This is what Satan has planned for the entire earth – a new Nazi empire and everyone will be numbered, digitally managed. This is in the near-term Schwabian future.  He wants to see his dream born alive.  But then there is war to deal with, too.

Mounting evidence continues to emerge proving the food shortages and supply chain disruptions are being manufactured by the United Nations, the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization in an effort to institute a New World Order, global government and destroy the United States.

A 2009 op-ed published by the United Nations, which is now removed from its website, heralds hunger as “the foundation of wealth” and a means to bolster the world economy.

“Hunger must be sustained to exploit manual labor”, contends George Kent, a professor at the University of Hawaii’s political science department. who authored the November 2021 UN the document.

“We sometimes talk about hunger in the world as if it were a scourge that all of us want to see abolished, viewing it as comparable with the plague or aids. But that naïve view prevents us from coming to grips with what causes and sustains hunger. Hunger has great positive value to many people,” Kent notes. “Indeed, it is fundamental to the working of the world’s economy. Hungry people are the most productive people, especially where there is need for manual labour.”

Without “the threat of hunger,” essential low-paying jobs would become vacant, a labor shortage would emerge and the global economy would cease to exist, Kent continues.

“We in developed countries sometimes see poor people by the roadside holding up signs saying ‘Will Work For Food.” Actually, most people work for food. It is mainly because people need food to survive that they work so hard either in producing food for themselves in subsistence-level production, or by selling their services to others in exchange for money. How many of us would sell our services if it were not for the threat of hunger?

“More importantly, how many of us would sell our services so cheaply if it were not for the threat of hunger? When we sell ourselves cheaply, we enrich others, those who own factories, the machines and the lands, and ultimately own the people who work for them. For those who depend on the availability of cheap labour, hunger is the foundation of wealth.”

According to the U.N., assumptions attributing poverty and low-paying jobs to hunger are “nonsense” because people deprived of nourishment have stronger incentive to work.

“Who would have established massive biofuel production operations in Brazil if they did not know there were thousands of hungry people desperate enough to take the awful jobs they would offer?” Kent asserts. “Who would build any sort of factory if they did not know that many people would be available to take the jobs at low-pay rates?

“Much of the hunger literature talks about how it is important to assure that people are well fed so that they can be more productive. That is nonsense. No one works harder than hungry people. Yes, people who are well nourished have greater capacity for productive physical activity, but well-nourished people are far less willing to do that work.”

“Slaves to hunger” are “assets” to “people at the high end,” Kent concludes:

The non-governmental organization Free the Slaves defines slaves as people who are not allowed to walk away from their jobs. It estimates that there are about 27 million slaves in the world, including those who are literally locked into workrooms and held as bonded labourers in South Asia. However, they do not include people who might be described as slaves to hunger, that is, those who are free to walk away from their jobs but have nothing better to go to. Maybe most people who work are slaves to hunger?

For those of us at the high end of the social ladder, ending hunger globally would be a disaster. If there were no hunger in the in the world, who would plow the fields? Who would harvest our vegetables? Who would work in the rendering plants? Who would clean our toilets? We would have to produce our own food and clean our toilets. No wonder people at the high end are not rushing to solve the hunger problem. For many of us, hunger is not a problem, but an asset.

The decades-oldop-ed was removed from the United Nation’s website on Wednesday hours it went viral.

The United Nation’s Chronicle subsequently issued a statement claiming the article is “satire.”

A 2020 report published by The Rockefeller Foundation that outlines a globalist plan to transform the food system is underway began circulating across the internet on Monday.

The Rockefeller Foundation document titled, “Reset The Table: Meeting the Moment to Transform the U.S. Food System” argues the U.S. food system must be seized and transformed to advance “social justice” and “environmental protection.”

The report also calls for “numerous changes to policies, practices and norms” to modify the U.S. food supply, including data collection and online surveillance to track people’s the dietary habits.

www.thegatewaypundit.com /2022/07/united-nations-scrubbed-article-heralding-benefits-world-hunger-website-went-viral/

2021/2022 USA Food Production Destruction Numbers: Dates, Locations, Links


In case we forget the apparent systematic destruction of food production facilities in the United States, this list should refresh the readers memory… Continue reading “2021/2022 USA Food Production Destruction Numbers: Dates, Locations, Links”

New Federal Law Will Take Food Away From Public And Private Schools If They Refuse To Secretly Advance Homosexualism


The “bad news” will only increase in scope and density as the days go by.  We are all tired of hearing about the death of America and the ascension of the Luciferians, but this information had to be published because letting the anti-Christs get away with their conduct is unacceptable.  Continue reading “New Federal Law Will Take Food Away From Public And Private Schools If They Refuse To Secretly Advance Homosexualism”

Examining Commands – How Our Lack Of Understanding Spreads Error World-Wide

Originally posted on November 18, 2019 @ 1:07 pm

Let’s begin a divine instruction study by starting at Deuteronomy (DaBarim, Hebrew for “The Words”), ch 12.  While there are many commands of Yahuah, beginning in Genesis with “Let light come to be”, DaBarim 12 is the only place that I find which begins with:

These are the laws and rightrulings which you guard to do in the land which your Yahuah, Alahim of your fathers, is giving you to possess, all the Yomim (days) that you live on the soil.”

If you are obedient to the command in Numbers that states from the mouth of Yahuah that there is one law in the congregation of the Hebrews and the non-Hebrews, that we are all commanded to submit to the same set of instructions, then congratulations, for you have received the love for the Truth.

Here is the command to the congregation –

Continue reading “Examining Commands – How Our Lack Of Understanding Spreads Error World-Wide”

Good Morning! Digital Food Rationing Begins, And This Is Only The Beginning


I have a business meeting to attend in a few minutes, so this will be very brief.  Watch the video below.  This is the beginning of Phase II. Oh, and yesterday I spent $183.57 on one hand-basket of grocery items and gasoline for my Toyota SUV.

Continue reading “Good Morning! Digital Food Rationing Begins, And This Is Only The Beginning”

Video: Food Riots Beginning In Iran. Third Seal Famine Spreads.


Iranians rioting for food.  The shortages will be world wide and you yourself will experience hunger.  Your family will experience hunger.  The famine of the Third Seal. Continue reading “Video: Food Riots Beginning In Iran. Third Seal Famine Spreads.”

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