Chapter 6: West Coast Seismic Events – Prophecies

Originally posted on September 30, 2020 @ 4:46 pm

Sorry for the delay in getting this out. Had another incident regarding my sons, motorcycles and the police. Also had to run a kid off who just seems to think that a lifestyle of rebellion and stupidity is just fine. I gave him a few years to make better decisions, but he went too far.

Chapter 6 speaks to the destruction of the entire west coast of the United States. Multiple prophecies from multiple sources repeating the same warning for several decades now, all the way back to 1937. We will lose the entire west coast and all of the cities therein. Sounds like all in one day, from Baja to Canada, with damage as far in as Colorado. Continue reading “Chapter 6: West Coast Seismic Events – Prophecies”

Prophecy: Sarah Menet – Vials of Disease Spread In Major Cities; Nuclear War, Tsunamis and New Madrid

Originally posted on September 2, 2021 @ 7:07 pm

Those that believe that this coronavirus pandemic is the “worst” that can happen need to understand that much more severe judgments are coming.  Sarah Menet (also previously known as Sarah Hoffman) had a near death experience in 1979 in which she was shown great judgments that would come to this planet.  The portion of her vision regarding 9/11 appears to already have been fulfilled, so that gives this vision even more gravity.  In her vision she saw two great pandemics that are coming, and the coronavirus plague does not appear to fit with either one.  The following is what Sarah Menet was shown on that fateful day… Continue reading “Prophecy: Sarah Menet – Vials of Disease Spread In Major Cities; Nuclear War, Tsunamis and New Madrid”

Gird Yourself With The Belt of Truth, For War Is At The Door Of Mankind

Originally posted on August 23, 2021 @ 11:07 am

It is good to write today.  That “podcasting” stuff is a snarl of technology, for sure.  For better or worse, I need to stick with it because I need the practice speaking in a semi-public forum.  Soon we will be tightly regulated, although I do believe that Yahuah will deal with the USA on a very personal “from His throne” basis.  We deserve His judgement and I look forward to leaving this earth.

I also want to welcome my brother, Ken.  Long time, bro.  Welcome.

Continue reading “Gird Yourself With The Belt of Truth, For War Is At The Door Of Mankind”

Famine Begins With Loss | Pastor Gallups – “We Are Clearly Living In The End Times”

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Famine Begins With Loss

Some personal video of the Mid-West flooding.  Immeasurable food destroyed, lives ruined, and farms closing.

Pastor Carl Gallups – “We Are In The End Times”

China Is Being Destroyed By Tribulation-Era Flooding And Animals Are Exhibiting Alarming Behaviors

China’s communist government is a reincarnation of Germany’s NAZI government.  China does the worst imaginable things to human beings.  In fact, China robs, steals, murders and destroys everything and anyone who that stands against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

China is the worst, most wicked nation on earth, and that says a lot considering how wicked the United States and Russia are.  But in America, there is a minority of people who follow Yahusha in the Way.  We submit to the commands of Yahuah and have the testimony of Yahusha.  We are the holy people, the set apart ones.  Someday our power will break, but not this day.

Yahuah is destroying the CCP.  China will become desperate and send a huge army across the Euphrates river soon.  War will certainly come, and the end of the wicked follows close behind.  If you are unsaved, accept the offer of salvation by Yahuah, who sent the perfect One to die for your transgressions of the Laws of Yahuah.  Then, repent, or turn around and learn and obey the commands of Yahuah as delineated in Torah, or The Instructions.

This and only this exhibition of faith is what Yahuah expects from ALL who claim to be His people.  It is called “the Way“, and is precisely why Paul was arrested and executed.  Obedience is worship.  It is the only worship Yahuah recognizes, and it is easy.  None are perfect exacpt His Son Yahusha, but Yahuah knows who is sincere in their obedience to and study of His commands.

Don’t be found wanting.

Unusual animal behavior in China; Beijing like ‘ghost town’ amid coronavirus; Massive floods

China Is Experiencing Flooding Like No Time In Its Known History, and Xi Jinping Is Nowhere To Be Found

We sometimes worry that China is a great danger to the USA, and China is in fact a dangerous enemy.  Enemy.  China wants to dominate the earth, and China is a giant pirate ship which steals everything it can get its bloody hands on.

But China is getting hammered into the ground by rain.  Weeks and weeks of torrential rain that is flooding China like no other flood in history.  Dams are breaking and the giant Three Gorges dam is in danger of breaking.

Xi Jinping has disappeared (awesome), and many attribute his disappearance to the Chinese virus which is spreading in Beijing.  Or maybe he fears assassination, which could certainly be possible.

China has even more serious problems than the USA.  China’s banking system is rotten to the core, and bank runs are building.  War will absolutely become inevitable if it is not already so.

I’m telling you that the only thing holding the world together is the will of Yahuah, because not one single institution I can think of is solid, reliable and vital.  Banking, religion, manufacturing, the military, government, medicine, education – pick anything and ask yourself if that niche is solid.  Even the casino business is struggling, and at least one major casino in Las Vegas is for sale.

So why do I want to smile?

The Crossroads With Joshua Philip is an excellent and very low-key news site that you might like. Mr. Philip gives very good, substantiated information matters that are important to us. You and me.

If you like his delivery and content, consider visiting his site and subscribing.

Hurricane Harvey Is A Major Warning

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The destruction of Houston is far worse, and of a much wider scale than we can properly wrap our brains around.

Houston is a very large, very muscular, intelligent and hard-working city.  I know, because I lived there until 2012, and was professionally employed to recruit mechanical engineers for the oil and gas companies.  Houston is a “Super City”.

It has the largest deep-water port in the United States, and trade from all over the world enters through the Houston Ship Channel.  Trucking, manufacturing, and oil refining are all oriented around Houston and the thousands of oil tankers lined up to deliver crude oil to the refineries linked just below.

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