Maui Slaughter: Just Another Mass Murder?


The Maui murders were game-planned specifically to acquire the land for investors.  Some of the government employees responsible for it will be handsomely rewarded in time, while some will be terminated.  In the meantime, the fact that these fires were a set-up is plain for even the dead to see, and you just swallow hard and look away.

Same as in Waco, right?  Same as in Ruby Ridge, right?  Someone else’s responsibility, right?  Keeping your head down, right?  Don’t attract attention to yourself, right? Let others carry the burden, you have bills to pay, right?

“It’s all in God’s hands.” Right?

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Is The Pending (Immediate) FEMA Test Something Of Concern?

I am getting warnings about some kind of FEMA test that will transmit through cell phones and TV’s, allegedly on August 11th at 2PM. I do not know if its Central time or some other US time zone, so perhaps at 1PM Eastern, 2 PM Central, 3PM Mountain and 4PM Pacific Coast time. Here is a video with more information. I’m going to wrap my cell in four layers of aluminum foil. Continue reading “Is The Pending (Immediate) FEMA Test Something Of Concern?”

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