How Strongly China’s Plans Correspond With Hitler’s Plans: A Mirror Image On Steroids


If you would like to get information that is accurate, informing and very pertinent to your own life, watch this one below.  I started out thinking that the information might be just more of what everyone else is producing, but ended up watching the entire video with wide eyes and an expression of “holy cow” on my face.

Sometimes I just do not know how much people can tolerate, so I hold back a lot.  Times are trying enough, resources are scarce enough and enemies of God are popping up everywhere we turn.  Nonetheless, all of those things will continue to expand, faster and faster, more and more destructive.  The birth pangs are accelerating and gaining force.

Store food.  You cannot eat ammunition.  You do need ammunition, but you need food and water most of all.  Since we are likely to lose gasoline as an option, and likely to lose electricity,  you will need good boots for walking, not tennis shoes.  Boots.  Lace-up, thick soles, because we just might be walking everywhere, or most places.  If you have access to a small motorcycle, make sure it runs.  A 125cc four-stroke dirt bike will provide about 100 miles of travel on one gallon of gasoline.

Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) is the fastest, cheapest, most anonymous way to cripple the USA.  Count on China using EMP to cripple America.  China is inserting trained Chinese soldiers into the United States by the thousands, and remember that Barack Obama hid weapons and ammunition all over the United States when he was president.

Those weapons are for the Chinese and the Cartels after the EMP strike.  The US government will dive underground and you and I will scratch for our survival.

Watch the video.  Listen carefully to it.  These guys are right on point.


Department Of Homeland Security Says We Will Lose A War Against Russia/China


I just listened to the interview below, and everyone needs to hear this.  The interviewer is Canadian Prepper (Nathan), and interviewed is David Pyne.  Mr. Pyne is the director of the Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) section of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  Mr. Pyne is very well informed on the nuclear threat that we face in the USA, and he shares with us information that no “news” media will ever come close to discussing. Continue reading “Department Of Homeland Security Says We Will Lose A War Against Russia/China”

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