“The Arrests Began Tonight”

Dr. Steve Pieczenik, a well known and well-connected Washington player, says today that “This is the largest sting operation in American history.”  He additionally states that “thousands and thousands of National Guard troops have been silently dispatched to 12 states”, that the “ballots were encoded with a very strong encryption code”, and that this entire election nightmare was pre-planned (“set up by Trump for a long, long time.”) specifically to expose the corruption in the election process, and that he (Dr. Pieczenik) had to obtain permission to do this interview.  He closes with the statement “the arrests have already begun.”

Good news, Ryan.

Slaughtered On The Altar Of The Church Of Democracy

Like most voters who voted for Mr. Trump, and I did, a certain amount of anxiety is part of my day.  We hate to see evil flourish, and it finds fertile soil in America.  Nonetheless, there are still many faithful followers of Yahusha here.  That makes a difference. Continue reading “Slaughtered On The Altar Of The Church Of Democracy”

Donald Trump – Election Day – The Coup VS King David

Its Election Day 2020, and being who I am, it seems necessary to post something relative to electing or ruling or governance.  I decided that King David was more interesting, as he had massive problems in his family during his reign.  David was responsible for those problems, too.  I mean, Davids’ adult/king/father years were hell on earth.  Rape, multiple murders, adultery, dead babies, humiliation, rebellion, dead sons, a coup- Continue reading “Donald Trump – Election Day – The Coup VS King David”

Prophecy 2nd Week of October – The “Wicks” Are Lit. Dana Coverstone

Re-listening to Pastor Dana Coverstone’s dream regarding October.  The “2nd week of October” is precisely 15 days away.  In the second week of October, according to his dream, the “wicks, like a firework” ignite in the heads of the select wicked.  This includes the governors, the federal officials and “everyone else”, a sudden Continue reading “Prophecy 2nd Week of October – The “Wicks” Are Lit. Dana Coverstone”

Sensing Major Global Upheaval Within Months: Tribulation-Level Governance

People around the world are becoming highly tuned to the power and control grab by governments everywhere.  Top of the list in the minds of most people is China, and yes, China is an out-of-control pirate ship.  But the under-the-radar candidate for the top position, and the nation most likely to succeed, is Continue reading “Sensing Major Global Upheaval Within Months: Tribulation-Level Governance”

Welcome To The War