Pathologist/CEO of U.S. Covid-19 Test-Manufacturing Company Says “Greatest Hoax Ever”

Let that sink in.  This doctor is the CEO of a company that manufactures Covid tests.  His income and the income of his company and the shareholders is directly tied to selling Covid tests.  More panic = more income.  Yet here he stands, telling you and me that the entire Covid hysteria is a farce.  A hoax.  A lie.  This is important and you should post this everywhere.

Certainly I agree with this brilliant medical leader, and have said the same thing for months.

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New Video Library – Cepher.Net, Dr. Stephen Pidgeon

Learn while it is legal to do so, and before Satan has the power to scrub the Internet of all teaching of Yahuah.

Dr. Stephen Pidgeon –

The Prophecy of The Popes: Francis Is The Last One

Dr. Tom Horn is a brilliant Bible-oriented researcher, and he wrote a book several years ago about the last pope and stunned the world when he correctly predicted, in print in one of his books, that one pope would resign and another would take his place, and when all that would happen.

Smart fellow.

And according to Dr. Horn, the pope we have corrupting the earth now is the last pope that ever will be, as Rome will be destroyed during the tenure of Pope France, aka Peter of Rome.

You can buy some of Dr. Horns books on Amazon, and I do recommend him.  he is a very good writer, he is honest and very matter-of-fact.

Are We Being Hoodwinked Into A Global Mandatory Injection Scheme?

Want to be railroaded into a forced vaccination?

Bill Gates is investing in seven different vaccination development operations, hoping to hit the jackpot on one, no doubt one  that can be required under force of law.  Guess who is on Bill Gates Scientific Board of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?

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