In One Hour Everything Is Going to Change


Last night I had a lengthy conversation with my oldest son regarding the end time and who will be taken and who will be left, and when and why and how.  It was a good conversation and he asked a lot of very good questions, which was a blessing to hear.  Then, this morning I was drinking some coffee outdoors after a long motorcycle ride to Vanderpool, TX, and I came across the following article.

You will find it very interesting, I’m sure, and it provides a lot of very good information regarding the exact conversation I had with my son last night.  As I told my son, the Righteous have nothing to fear.  Not one single thing.  If you have that “personal relationship with Yahusha”, you have every reason to rejoice as the world is destroyed in great big chunks.  Many of us will be leaving soon.  Our eyes are already on the prize.

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