Clash Of The Titans – Civil War Demands To Be Unleashed In The Promised Land Of Israel


Today as we watch the spectacle and fraud in New York as the leftist revolutionaries struggle to harm Donald Trump, Israel is facing the near certainty of civil war, with the left VS the right prepared to fight to the bitter end.  The powder keg is lit and the explosion is coming.  In Israel, the immovable object (“democracy” and woke ideology) meets the irresistible force – Talmudism, A Sanhedrin and a return to the old ways that make Israel a unique and justified Israeli people.

Not that either of them are good.  Talmudism is a witches brew of uninspired Rabbinical literary fornication and “democracy” is simply mob rule, and 20 percent of that mob is a flaming contingent of homosexualists who prance about in their “pride” parades as devoted and flamboyant anti-Christ’s in their own right.

Nonetheless, this is the Israeli clash of the titans and almost certainly the trigger for Armageddon.  The politics are impossible, and the timing could not be more perfect.  Read on, brothers and sisters.

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Slaughtered On The Altar Of The Church Of Democracy

Like most voters who voted for Mr. Trump, and I did, a certain amount of anxiety is part of my day.  We hate to see evil flourish, and it finds fertile soil in America.  Nonetheless, there are still many faithful followers of Yahusha here.  That makes a difference. Continue reading “Slaughtered On The Altar Of The Church Of Democracy”

Welcome To The War