“There Is Something Very Powerful In This Injection That They Desperately Want Into You” – Dr. Peter McCullough

Remember my article on Dr. Peter McCullough? He just produced a short 16 minute video questioning the almost rabid determination of the World Economic Forum, Bill Gates and others to have you injected.

This is a very sobering interview and because you will personally have to face the music for refusing the injection, I thought you would have a keen interest in what Dr. McCullough has to say supporting you. Continue reading ““There Is Something Very Powerful In This Injection That They Desperately Want Into You” – Dr. Peter McCullough”

The Covid Vaccines Cripple Your Immune System: How Their Injections set You Up For Defeat.

This might be the best video available on what the vaccines for Covid are doing to human bodies, as well as the psychological pressure being put on all the people on earth to submit to the hoax called the Covid Pandemic.

The interview below is brilliant.  Watch all of it.

Continue reading “The Covid Vaccines Cripple Your Immune System: How Their Injections set You Up For Defeat.”

Pfizer Fever, or “How To Ruin Your Health”

I don’t know about you, but under no circumstances is the fraud Biden going to force a covid injection into me or mine.  This nice woman enjoyed good health before her injection of Pfizer’s magic solution the other day.  Continue reading “Pfizer Fever, or “How To Ruin Your Health””

Moderna RNA Vaccine Recipient In Convulsions. You, Too, Can Get Your Very Own FREE Injection.

Bored?  Want to add some spice to your life?  Go get a free Moderna RNA vaccine and become a Genetically Modified Organism.  None of that Non-GMO stuff for some folks.  Only the best, most genetically modified mutant dna will do.

See for yourself… Continue reading “Moderna RNA Vaccine Recipient In Convulsions. You, Too, Can Get Your Very Own FREE Injection.”

Many Doctors Warn: Do Not Get The Covid Vaccine. Here They Are…

Having received a rushed vaccine when I was in the military, I have first-hand experience in exceptional pain and suffering from shoddy chemistry.  That “vaccine” killed so many soldiers that the US Congress banned it.

Now there is a new rushed vaccine, a ‘Warp Speed’ model that operates on your genetic coding to, in theory, make you immune to an alleged corona virus.  I also think that the gene-altering injection offered to you now is based on the same technology that was used in ITALY in their experimental vaccine that was deployed right before Italians started dropping like flies from corona.  An Italian doctor strongly warned against it, too.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but do you seriously plan to squirt some mystery juice into your body that modifies your DNA? An injectable  product rushed to the marketplace in order to be first to reap the billions of dollars in profits generated by terrorizing the world over a nearly inconsequential corona virus that does little or no harm to  98 percent of the worlds human population?

You’re going to tamper with your DNA, or allow a whole bunch of for-profit scientists to squirt their warp speed concoction into you?  Into your children?  Bear in mind that these vaccine companies CANNOT BE SUED or held liable IN ANY WAY for killing you or blinding you or crippling you or creating cancer in you or causing brain damage in you or destroying your immune system or liver or lungs.  You are completely at their mercy.  Totally, with ZERO recourse.  You are the lab rat.  They will keep statistics on you.  They know that they are immune from prosecution.

Please comment below if this video disappears.  There should be a video above this line.

Doctors warn against the corona virus vaccine, and it looks like at least 1/2 the world population is listening and refusing.  Maybe that is a goal of the globalists – to create yet another division.  I wish I had a happy story to tell you today, but I do not.  We are in the middle of a war for dominion over the souls of mankind.

Yahuah prevails, but we have to see a lot of wickedness while we patiently endure the wickedness of both the satan and of mankind.  Continue to live your lives as normally as possible.  Ditch the mask.  Don’t throw your support to the globalists by putting your own body to work brandishing that billboard of submission – the worthless mask.

Ask yourself how bold and brave you are going to be if you cannot stand up against something as weak and pathetic as a plastic mask that does absolutely nothing to prevent the spread of any disease.  It does not prevent the spread of anything, and that is conclusively proven.  The mask is a mere virtue signal, another way to take the knee and bow to global tyranny.  Wearing a mask strengthens the satan’s movement against mankind.

Some of you know these things already and I applaud your efforts to discover the truth.  But most people still get their ‘information” from mass media, which is a controlled programming device.  Never watch mass media on TV.  Always seek and refer to alternative sources who will give you the ugly truth.  There is a war raging, and it is raging in our minds.

For a FREE 700+ page medical book on the dangers of vaccines, download it from any of these three sources below.  If those sources are eventually blocked, please let me know via commenting below.  I will take care of you.

Share this post.  People deserve to know what they are facing.  You would want to know and you would want your friend to tell you.




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Human 2.0 – How “The Vaccine” Will Edit Human DNA, Creating a Non-Human Hybrid

How would you like it if a band of gangsters came into your home while you were asleep, woke you and force injected chemicals into you, your spouse and your children, all while you stood there screaming and sobbing, begging them to stop?

Well guess what? Continue reading “Human 2.0 – How “The Vaccine” Will Edit Human DNA, Creating a Non-Human Hybrid”

Sensing Major Global Upheaval Within Months: Tribulation-Level Governance

People around the world are becoming highly tuned to the power and control grab by governments everywhere.  Top of the list in the minds of most people is China, and yes, China is an out-of-control pirate ship.  But the under-the-radar candidate for the top position, and the nation most likely to succeed, is Continue reading “Sensing Major Global Upheaval Within Months: Tribulation-Level Governance”

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