Slaughtered On The Altar Of The Church Of Democracy

Like most voters who voted for Mr. Trump, and I did, a certain amount of anxiety is part of my day.  We hate to see evil flourish, and it finds fertile soil in America.  Nonetheless, there are still many faithful followers of Yahusha here.  That makes a difference. Continue reading “Slaughtered On The Altar Of The Church Of Democracy”

Massive, Systemic Voter Fraud Points to Democrats. Trump Should Sue For Nullification

Just a quick thought as I wade through the totally expected news stories of massive Democrat-executed voter fraud.  The President should petition the Supreme Court to nullify this election and require a new, in-person/valid-ID-only vote.  That will solve this problem.  Even my dog knew mail-in voting would be loaded from here to hell with fraud.

Welcome To The War