The Most Powerful Steve Quayle/Mike Adams Conversation I Have Ever Heard.


I just listened to these four videos, and I plan to listen to them again. In general terms I can corroborate everything they discuss, and yes, it is precisely as dangerous as they lay it out. We will experience all they say, and yes it will be worse than they discuss. I do hate to discuss it, but they are correct. There is more that they did not cover and I will get to that in a week or two. I wrote Steve Quayle a short note minutes ago congratulating him on this fine conversation with Mike Adams. I’m really going to miss Steve.

Grab some coffee and listen carefully. This is accurate, real, up-to-the-minute information that you need, no matter where you live on earth. Remember, Yahusha said that no one would survive if He did not return when He is returning. Being prepared to fight is not nearly sufficient.

If you are new here, I recorded an entire book of old prophecies (Prophecies of America – main menu, drop down) concerning America, and many of them discuss in great detail the end of the USA.  That end is so near I can almost smell it now.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Get the downloadable audio files and the transcripts free here.

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