Selco – “The Harsh Reality of Barter and Trade in an SHTF Economy”


Here is a very interesting and quite pertinent article written by a man who was trapped for a year in Serbia, back in the 1990’s.  He also has a couple of books published that you might want to read.

This article can give you some sense of what a real “shut-down” feels like from the ground level.  Barter items seems to be key, not silver or gold, but cigarettes, medicine, boot repair, battery charging and more.

Security is also right at the top of the list.  Three-man teams seem most efficient, and trading at significant distance from your living quarters is necessary.  Again, security is at the top of your list of daily activities.

Read this and think about how you can do what he suggests.  He lived through a nasty, dangerous and violent lockdown.  A civil war, of sorts.  Not necessarily one of government VS the people, but a clash of cultures.  America is going to have a clash of cultures like this, and the illegals will be armed by either the liberal government or the drug cartels or the Chinese or all three.

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