The Synagogue Of Satan: 3rd Interview With Andrew Hitchcock


Always remember that the Rabbis of Israel wherever they are on earth are anti-Christs.  They hate even the idea of Yahusha and demand that all who follow Noahide must renounce their faith in Yahusha.  These are devils, and many teachers teach from the Talmud, a book of death and darkness that is intolerable to Yahuah. Considering the push to establish Noahide around the plane of the earth, listeners here stand to gain exceptional insight into the dark pit of hell that is the synagogue of Satan.

03. The Bankers, Economics, Zionism; Deception [Broadcast]” from TFC Andrew Hitchcock Interviews (Feat. Andrew Hitchcock) by Daryl Bradford Smith.

The good news is that for many of us, the end is in sight.  Praise Yahuah for saving us.  Yet there is still much to be done and all of us need to busy ourselves part of every day sharing links, spreading information, encouraging one another.  Because the day is coming and is truly at the door when our freedom to speak will get us arrested and in some cases, executed.

The world is morphing into its end-time configuration.  The four horsemen of the apocalypse are riding – disease, war, famine and death – all are active and are currently overlapping.  Covid/white horse/Fauci; war/Ukraine/NATO/Russia; famine/wheat/drought/scarcity; death/Moderna/Pfizer/vaxx/heart failure/cancer/sudden unexplained death.

The Fifth Seal is key.  More on that eventually, because the Fifth Seal is directly pointed at the children of Yahuah.

Welcome To The War