Survival Depends On Your Willingness To Fight Tyrants


Do you know what might stop a civil war in its tracks?  Think about it.  This is 2021, not 1863.  If you wanted to stop, slow or prevent an American civil war in 2021, an effective way to reduce capability is to turn off the electricity.  In fact, I think that if Texas put on her big boy pants, cleaned her pistol and seceded from the Federal Union of Felons, Klaus Schwab and his crew of mass murderers would arrange for a “mystery cyber strike” against the Texas power grid.  Yes, we have our own in Texas.  Not that it works, but we do have one that is separate from the main US power delivery system.

I bring this small consideration up because I think Texas must secede from the Union of Democratic Devils.  We do not need them and we will be better off without the relationship we have now.  Seriously, when Vladimir Putin sounds like a better conservative than most of the US Senate GOP, we have slipped into the abyss.  Continuing to sail upon that Titanic is not prudent, is it?

Maybe Texas could get into the crypto business and create the “Texan” coin.  We could hold some kind of contest to name it.  That would be super fun and we should do it immediately.

Another thing we need to do is build additional docks for unloading cargo ships.  There is a major vein of gold to be mined, boys and girls.  We can process those shipping containers faster and more accurately than any Californian can.  (This is where all readers in unison shout together “YES WE CAN!”)

Seriously, we finally have to abandon the USA.  It is to our detriment to remain attached to them.  We can forge our own ties with foreign governments.  Make our own treaties.  Start the development of our own army and air force.  Elon is here.  He might have some tricks up his sleeve and just might be interested in helping us develop some hyper-weapons of our own.  That would be a major deterrent against US meddling in Texas affairs, and Russia might be interested in a relationship with Texas.  They would be, certainly, but they would also be wary of the USA because the street rubbish we have for government these days can be counted on to intimidate any and all who want to live free of the Dark Empire.

Texas fought for its own freedom at the Alamo, and the roster of freedom fighters included a bunch of Mexicans, too.  People forget that.  So all you Mexicans yearning for a better life, you can have it in a free Texas and you can tell your children that Mexicans, too, lost their lives fighting for freedom in the Alamo.

There is no good reason to remain hog tied to a collapsing, degenerate, lying snake that has become America.  The US Supreme Court ran from justice as fast as it could when 17 rational states declared that the election of 2019 was a fraud.  Let America keep that squad of garbage.

We also have oil.  Lots of it.  We can build more processing and power generation plants and export energy to the USA.  Naturally, we will have to restrict movement of non-Texans into Texas.  Like many nations, all who wish to immigrate to Texas must prove why their presence here would be beneficial to the State.  Education, skills, conservative credentials, religious beliefs (with some kind of proof) – we can create whatever kind of society we want, including excluding vaxxers and liberals and satanists and any other sub-culture we do not want among us.

We will be free from the sick American society we find ourselves in today.

Everything changes, friends.  Change for the better can actually happen if strong men and women lean into it with sufficient force and in sufficient numbers.  Yes, there will be push-back from the Left, but so what?  Nothing wrong with fighting for righteousness and truth.  We do not have to submit to sin, which is the goal of the left – to destroy truth.

Think secession.  Think truth.  Think freedom.  Gregg Abbott, you can get this started and maybe even be the first President of Texas in the new millennium.  History will be made.  Other nations will be inspired.  Hope will spring up from the soil watered with the blood of tyrants and of patriots.

We must fight if we hope to survive.  If we do not fight, we are surely doomed.

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2 years ago

How’s about we call the new Texas currency the HEB?

2 years ago

Would not normally do this but the link I posted has already been blocked.
Little more reading for your self here.

Climate legislation includes cutting down trees and burying them.
Afrer they distroid the timber industry , that sequestered CO2 in
Lumber products. Go Figure.

2 years ago

I don’t believe Texas has much for Forest, but oxygen is great to have.

Climate legislation includes cutting down trees and burying them.

Any kind of states rights were lost with the 17th ammendmdnt.
They were thrown up for the highest bidder via / Popular vote & Propaganda Elections

Welcome To The War
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