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Originally posted on November 10, 2019 @ 11:38 pm

I don’t know about you, but the social tension/aggression is really growing, especially in the USA.

Recently I watched a video on Youtube produced by Jason A, and it was about street violence.  Really shocking stuff, and one guy took a sledge hammer to the car of another guy, then hit the driver of the car in the back with the sledge hammer as the driver tried to run away.

Crazy stuff.

Two days ago I was standing on the sidewalk of a burger joint with my 4-yr old held high in the air and my 10 and 12 yr olds standing there talking to me as we waited for my wife to join us from the car.

Some guy, age 65 or so, wide, short and in his shades, parked directly in front of where we stood, exited his vehicle and stomped right through my boys and I, demanding that we get off the sidewalk so he could walk through the gate.

This was not even an entrance, but was a gate to the play/outdoor eating area in the rear of the place, and he had a good three feet of open sidewalk right beside us, yet he choose to walk through my little band of merry men and demand that we get out of his way.

I wanted to say nasty things :)

I wanted to deck him.

But we laughed at him, instead.  Out loud.  Rather obnoxiously, on my part.

Bullies.  Stupid people.  Arrogant snobs.  We are commanded by Yahusha to love and forgive, but He also commands us to be armed because we cannot live in peace with all people.

If you are unarmed, you defy a double command of Yahusha, whom you claim to worship.  Disobedience is rebellion, and hell is for the lawless.

I think it was my tzitzit.  People see it and assume that I am either an American Indian, a Jew or a Muslim, and they hate two of the three.

I am inclined to believe this guy assumed I was a Jew, because other people see my tzitzit and actually ask me if I am a Jew.

I wear my tzitzit nearly every day, and some days I simply forget to put it on.  I leave for work around 5:30AM, and am not quite awake when I walk out the door.

Some days I cannot find it.

But most days I see it hanging there, waiting for me like a friend.  I am reminded that Yahuah delights in our obedience in this act, and am reminded that He loves me and that Yahusha is my friend.

That blue thread embedded in those white tassels means something to Yahuah.  Wearing yours is a testament to His authority.  Your tzitzit speaks loud and clear to everyone, whether they understand it or not.  When people see you wearing your tzitzit, they know that you are different, and most know that you have a strong belief system.  Almost no one knows that it represents Yahuah, and that His people are instructed to wear it.

Not a Jew, you say?  No problem, because in the Book of Numbers, the non-Jew who worships Yahuah is required to obey to the same instructions as the Jew.  One Law for All, says Yahuah.

Numbers 15:15  “As for the congregation, there shall be one statute both for you and for the alien that lives with you, a never ending statute throughout your generations; as you are, so shall the non-Hebrew be before Jehovah.
Numbers 15:16  There shall be one law and one ordinance both for you and for the non-Hebrew that lives with you. “

Obviously, plainly, clearly, and from the MOUTH of YAHUAH Himself, there is ONE LAW for ALL who follow Him, and this LAW is “LAW FOREVER, THROUGHOUT YOUR GENERATIONS.”

Consider this – suppose you want to say to yourself “Self, you do not live with the Hebrews, therefore you can worship Yahuah any way you want to.”

After hearing Yahuah command from His own mouth “one law for both“, do you honestly believe you can do whatever you want and call that ‘worship’?

Do you think Yahuah would say to Himself “Self, since that gentile is not standing next to a Hebrew, the gentile can worship me a whole ‘nuther way.”

Or do you think that distance frees you from the obligation to worship Yahuah in the manner He prescribes?

Come on, what is distance to Yahuah, the creator of the stars?

Do you actually believe that because you might not be worshiping shoulder-to-shoulder with some believing Hebrews that you can ignore the commands of Yahuah?

What son of Yahuah would ever WANT to disobey any command of His Father? (that’s you too, ladies.)

You are either in, or you are out.  If you do not worship Him as He instructs, (and obedience is worship) then you defy Yahuah, becoming a rebel who lives as the lawless live.

Look, what I am sharing with you is the simple, obvious fact that we are called to guard His commands if we want to worship Yahuah, have Yahusha manifest Himself within us, and avoid the deception of lawlessness.






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