Steve Quayle: The Beta Test For 2nd Lockdown Begins In Minnesota. Violence Expected.

A 2nd lockdown will destroy you, your family, and your friends.  “Covid-19” is a farce, a tool to stampede the masses into the cages.

I have warned you for years, and you are about to face the devil yourself.  When they wave the needle in front of you and give you the option to accept or reject, most of you will accept.

This video is exceptionally rich in details and you better make time now to listen to all of it.

You will be marked, identified as part of the Beast System.

The Beast System is prepared to enslave you now.

King David, when standing before Goliath, did not stop the fight in order to pray.  He prayed, and then the battle.  Spend your time in prayer now, and be prepared to fight when it is time to fight.




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4 thoughts on “Steve Quayle: The Beta Test For 2nd Lockdown Begins In Minnesota. Violence Expected.”

    1. Yes. We are not called by Yahuah into obedience to slavery, nor are we called to follow lies. When our government, or elements within our government clearly are criminal in their actions and objectives, we are to do that which exhibits love for our neighbors – rebellion on behalf of freedom for our neighbor, for our children and for our neighbors children. And greater love has no man than he who would lay down his life for his friend. War therefore is on the table. War against the left using whatever means are required, as in any war.

  1. Hi Jerry,
    Thanks for putting this up.
    The lord opened my eyes to part of this vaccine. I watched a video some time back about scientists talking about knocking out, via a vaccine, the part of the brain that responds to God; and I believe this is vaccine is it.
    Also Steve talked about food shortages, I sent you about the Lord saying He could feed me out of any human hand being involved by sending me a hen to lay 16 eggs over four days, I even was able to tithe some. I believe folks need to know that now.

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