Steve Bannon Is Running Part Of the Hunter Biden Hard-Drive Chinese Child Abuse Investigation

It made me smile to see Steve Bannon doing this interview with Sky News.  He grew his hair long and seems rather happy, and certainly having Hunter Bidens personal hard drives with the secret financial arrangements with the Chinese Communist Party on them, as well as alleged videos of Hunter Biden having sex with Chinese children is a block-buster event.  In fact, I am reminded of Pastor Dana Coverstone‘s dream where he dreamed that mid-October would see explosive events at the federal level.

Listen, the hard drives prove that the Bidens were taking bribes, and not just “bribes”, but bribes from our outright enemies.  Biden is on the Chinese payroll.  Joe Biden, candidate for President of the United States.

Ok, so massive US rioting will start within a week or so as the Chinese seek to distract and use rioters to intimidate voters.  Biden cannot get a security clearance now, and therefore he cannot be President of the United States.

Can you imagine what Trump is going to do to Biden if there is a televised debate following this?

If you have not yet watched Rudy Giuliani‘s interview regarding this Biden disk drive/bribery/porn situation, watch that here now, then watch Bannons’ interview.  This is huge, the biggest story this year (Covid was a fraud) and it will get bigger as the days and weeks roll by.  And the election is two weeks away.



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