Sometimes You Just Have To Let Go

Slow and steady rows the boat. 

I have learned over time that we are usually best served by waiting to let the presence of the Spirit of Ani move in the stubborn folk.  Sometimes we wait a very long time.  In fact, we might never see the light of our Father finally come from our lost spouses or friends or children, but sometimes we see the change.  Sometimes.

I do know that eventually we must let the lost fall.  We will have to back away and let them suffer the cost of their bad choices.  We must stop saving the drowning and let them sink to the bottom.  We have a cost to incur, too.  That is the way of life in this world of sinners.

Consider Yahusha – He was perfect in everything He did.  His actions, movements, parables, healings, teachings and more were all in the perfect Will of His Father.  Perfection.  Perfect perfection.  Yet look at what happened to Him.  Crucified.

So doing everything right is no guarantee that you will skip away unscarred.  No matter which choice we make, we’re going to be bruised and battered in the end.  We will hurt, we will regret, we might cry or wish to die.

What matters is that we do all things in love and within the scope of action framed by Truth, which is Torah.  Its all we can do and it is enough.

I want to share a small story with you.  This story seems inconsequential.  The entire thing seems completely irrelevant.  You will possibly think that I wasted my time telling it, and that you wasted your time reading it.  But not so.  This story matters.  This small, inconsequential and irrelevant story is the story that everyone can benefit from.

It concerns an earplug.

I ride a motorcycle.  Not just any motorcycle, but a 1978 Honda GL1000 Goldwing.  This motorcycle changed the world.  I bought it in October and started rebuilding and restoring it, as it was in terrible condition.  I bought it from a Christian pastor who posted photos of it when it was in its prime.  I drove five hours with a rented trailer to buy this bike, and when I arrived at its location, the bike was literally in pieces and cut up in places with a saw.  It was more or less ruined.  But I bought it anyway and have restored it to like-new performance and excellent appearance.

This bike has two mufflers, one on each side.  Not loud, but not quiet.  Wind is also a factor.  Noise.  Especially around my ears in my helmet.  So I bought some earplugs to wear when I ride.

One morning on a beautiful ride I often take out in the country, I pulled over into some shade on the grass and removed my helmet.  When I did, my left earplug fell out.  I removed the right-side earplug and put it away.  Then I looked for the left side earplug.  I looked in the grass all around the bike.  I raked the grass with my fingers.  I looked under the bike, on the motor, under the tire, on the other side of the bike.  I moved the bike a bit.  I checked the waistband of my pants, i looked in the liner of my helmet.  Twice.  I checked my jacket pockets and the collar area of my jacket.

I must have crawled around on my hands and knees for 20 minutes looking for that earplug.  I even took my other earplug and threw it in the grass to give myself a good mental picture of what the missing one would look like in the grass.

I quit after that and told myself that I would stop here again next time to see if I could find it.  Not a fancy earplug.  About $16 to replace it, but I try to protect my ears and earplugs help.  I trusted Ani to manage this little problem and continued my ride.  I had other earplugs at home.

When I got home, I changed my pants and put my jacket away and went towards the kitchen to get some water.  Imagine my delight when right there on the floor where I turn left to go to the kitchen, right at the end of a short and narrow hallway, all alone on the dark brown wood floor lay my missing earplug.  Impossible to miss.  Impossible, because you have to look down in order to navigate the two turns through a door and out into the main hall.  So you watch your step.  Its an instinctive thing, and that earplug was perfectly placed to be obvious.  Perfect.

I saw my little friend and laughed.  There it was.  I thought of Ani, how He is perfect in all things, and this little ear plug reminded me that He can cause anything to be.  All we have to do is give the situation to Him and continue our ride.


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GM Linder
3 years ago

Jerry I have to smile!
How many times have I lost or misplaced something (usually my glasses)and after giving up and asking my heavenly Father, they turn up. He often reminds me that He doesn’t have problems only solutions.

3 years ago

Forgive the foul language, Jerry. This is a baddass post. Thanks for your good writing.


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