Some Important News Headlines. Mile Markers. Where We Are. Pieces Of The Puzzle.


You probably should read these:

Food Price Index Hits All-Time High in February — Up 24% From One Year Ago — And It’s Going Higher


In Mexico, a fight erupted in the stands of a local soccer game that resulted in 18 murders.  You tell me: is Satan the rising prince of this world?  What kind of madness is this?

HORROR! Shocking Photos and Video From Soccer Riots at Corregidora Stadium in Mexico – 18 Reported Dead (WARNING – Very Graphic)

Austrian Bishop Hangs Nude Homosexual Banner In Cathedral

US Senator Calls For Assassination Of Putin – Its Lindsey Graham

… your corporate accounts will be frozen, the insurance on your vehicle will be suspended”…


Schools go on rampage against free-faced kids.  The entire US Public School System is wildly corrupt.  The School Boards are, too.  They want to use the old Soviet model to take control of the kids away from parents and give that control to the State.  I know because I was a liberal decades ago and I was asked to run for the Texas legislature and make these things happen.  They are your enemy if you follow Yahuah.  They are your enemy if you have children.

Following Statewide School Mask Mandate Suspension, Illinois Teachers Begin Harassing and Threatening Students – Teachers Union Vows Maskless Children “Will Be Dealt With”


And the US Gestapo is at it again.  They must be broken or we will die.

Lawless DOJ Caught Opening Rep. Louie Gohmert’s House Mail Before It Reaches His Office — Gohmert Speaks Out on House Floor (VIDEO)


Injections are doing their intended jobs.

“I’ve Never Seen as Many Deaths.. It’s Around a 500 or 600% Increase” – Funeral Director in UK Reveals Increasing Number of Thrombosis Death in Vaccinated Young Adults (VIDEO)

Tucker: George Floyd’s sister is Biden’s obvious choice for Supreme Court…


Get injected or starve.  Your government is your slave master if you allow it.

Quebec Canada Bans Unvaxxed From Buying Groceries at Major Retailers Unless They Are Accompanied by a “Health Warden” Who Will Ensure They Only Buy Food and Medicine





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karla altiero
karla altiero
2 months ago

ugh similar shenanigans with the republican asking about questions about the jan 6 commitee. from canceling/censorship the surgeon general requiring big tech hand over data on “misinformation” etc bullying with intention to silence. btw at least some of the mass shootings were connected to experimenting on targeted individuals with RF weapons. very good yt channel lookoutfacharlie he proves it plus has video on internal and skin detox he cured himself. Not sure if you posted info on Dr James Giordano neuroscientist speaking at west point – they have tech to control a persons mind and body even make you think your home is haunted/demons done to targeted individuals.

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