Some Hard Truth. Prepare Your Mind For The Unimaginable. Prepare Your Soul For Eternity.

Originally posted on July 3, 2022 @ 2:11 pm


A storm is coming and none can stop it.  Soon, death will stalk the land unlike any other time on earth.  No one is ready for what is coming, not one living soul.

Should we begin at the end, and work our way back, or should we start at the beginning and work toward the end?

The time we are entered into will certainly be painful for you and me, because there is only one single good thing in our future that I know for certain, and while we wait there is a planet-wide storm of sorrows already taking place and expanding.

The Sword From The Stars

If you haven’t read my vision of the Flaming Sword, well, what is wrong with you?  If this is your first visit then some allowance can be made for your omission.  In the right-hand column of this entire website is a small heading titled “Categories“.  In the drop-down menus from that title there are several categories listed.

The most important category to select is “Truth”, and perhaps second is “Visions”.

Stop reading the bad news and start reading the Truth.  You very well might not be alive in a few months.  The Truth will set you free.

We are in the Seven Year tribulation period and by the time you finish this writing you will not be able to put that reality down again for the rest of your very short lifespan.  You will understand why the rich are building bunkers at break-neck speed.

The Seven Seals

The First Seal is the covid-hoax and the vaccine toxin.  The rider on the white horse was “Authority” with a toxin in its hand and injections in its quiver.  Proof of this is well-written and simple.  You will want to read this so that you can more fully understand that your very own death is likely very close.

The Second Seal is war.  Do I need to say any more than this?  War is here and we are losing it.  Only fair because the USA started the war.  The corruption of the government and the people has reached its zenith, and America will be destroyed.  Its destruction is already underway and will expand exponentially soon.  If you disagree, it is only because you do not have eyes to see or sense to comprehend.  Yahusha said that His people perished because they lack knowledge.  You who are blind are in that group.

The Third Seal is famine.  Famine is all over the news everywhere these days.  Those stories of “food shortages” are increasing in scope and magnitude.  You will lose weight, I guarantee it.  Hundreds of millions of people world-wide are starving now and will soon die from hunger.  The rising death count will escalate dramatically this fall.  Famine will not abate and there will be less food available every month right down to the end.  You yourself might die from starvation, but it is more likely you will die from war.

The Fourth Seal is death, and hades comes with it.  Death.  Dying.  But from what cause?  Every cause.  Murder, disease, famine, war, suicide, panic, fear, earthquake, flood – every way a person can die will take place in numbers never seen in history.  This is the end of the world.  Do not doubt it.  These are the Seven Seals brought initially by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

There is an asteroid coming toward the earth.  I hate asteroid stories because trajectories cannot be accurately calculated until the things are so close that we can see them with our naked eyes.  Worse, NASA is notorious for missing asteroids that come frighteningly close to earth, so asteroid stories are just not on my list of threats.

Except this one.  Its on my radar for two reasons.  The first reason is the prophecy of Dr. Thomas Horn.  I have followed the work of Dr. Horn (and he is sounding the horn, no doubt) for decades.  He is always brilliant in his analysis, always careful in his assertions and he is a sealed son of Yahuah.  I am very confident in his relationship with the living Truth, and confident of his prophecy.  All of his prophecies  have happened exactly as he said they would, and Apophis will be just as accurate.

The Revelation Chapter Eight  – The Wormwood Destruction Of The Earth

If this video is taken down by youtube, please comment and let me know.  I have the original HD file in storage and can repost.(tom horn sid roth wormwood)

When Yahusha said that no man would know the day nor the hour that He would return, that’s one thing.  But it is possible to know dates on known things like when busses will arrive or when planes will take off.  Dr. Horn speaks prophecy here, not geometry.  He has a perfect record of prophecies so there is no reason to believe he is wrong about this one, and he names the very day and date of this event.

If you watched the video then you know the date that he says the asteroid will strike the earth, and that year is 2029.  If 2029 is the date Apophis strikes the earth, seven years of tribulation down from 2029 is 2022, the very year that I identified as the year of the First Seal.

The United States is going to be destroyed.  You can go ahead and accept that now.  Multiple prophecies from reliable prophets speak to this in detail.  Already I am told by a reliable watcher that he hears there are 500,000 Chinese troops in Central America, and that might be correct.  There are also Russian troops coming to Nicaragua, as I wrote myself a few weeks ago.  Nicaraguan President Manuel Ortega is a personal friend of Putin and vacations with his wife in Russia.

Many of us have watched this train wreck coming for decades.  I certainly have and now that it is here, I’m sad.  Not because it is the beginning of the end of our time, but because of the fear and sorrow that it brings.

Yahuah is going to do some major works with people during this time.  Expect to see many profound miracles.  It will be a time of tremendous praise and tremendous loss.

I live in Texas, and we are between the Chinese troops in Central America and the United States.  When Texas was born, around 200 defenders stood their ground in the Alamo and fought a few thousand invading Mexican soldiers.  All the Texans were killed in that battle, but none are forgotten.  Many of the freedom fighters were Mexican, too.

We in Texas will absolutely defend Texas against any force coming up from the south to invade.  By that point the US will have been nuked a few times.  Military command and control will be in bad condition.  War will be raging in Europe and rolling south to Israel as the bear with the three ribs in its mouth rises to conquer the Promised land.

In other nations, beheadings will be underway.  The Fifth Seal speaks to this fact, with Yahusha telling those beneath His throne to wait just a little while longer, as those who must be executed as they were, are executed.  Beheading seems to be the preferred means of execution in this time, but you can sort of be glad, because beheading is swift and painless.  Yeah, painless.  Its gruesome to watch I suppose, but beheading is mostly drama to frighten people.

The method of physical death doesn’t matter.  I don’t have a personal preference and I embrace physical death because I know my future.  I am ready to go this very moment except I love those whom I love and ask my Father to leave me here until the last of my people, those whom He has given me to care for, are departed.

The Satanic control of this world is exemplified by these guillotines created by craftsmen for Chanel, a company that is known for creating luxury for the 1 percent.

And for the children…

Tensions are escalating.  Keep your eyes open, your mouth closed and prepare to either run, defend yourself or both.  The government will exert tremendous energy to get all who will resist them arrested and disarmed.

The unlawful “red flag” bill they recently passed into “law” is specifically intended to fool enough people into believing that red-flagging normal people in order to illegally force them to surrender their weapons and friends, is legitimate.  They misjudge their authority.  My Master ordered me to arm myself, and He ordered ALL who follow Him to arm themselves.  Disarming is submission to Satan.  Disarming is taking that cursed knee.

The American government will not get very far down that road before America is fatally broken.




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David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
1 year ago

Thank you brother Jerry. This article is potent, and it is a very timely read. One thought to share. In my opinion, which lines up with your article, is China is the only country in the world that could logically and effectively take over the United States of Tyranny. America is morally bankrupt and its constitution is dead. Declaration of Independence has circled back to master and slave of the Old Guard. There is no federal elected representative or senator that is worthy of another vote as corruption breeds more corruption inside their doors. Law enforcement seeks to save themselves and justice is now only in Yahuah’s hands as no human justice can alter the destructive course it is on. We must train, arm, protect our families and dear friends and save those Yah has placed into our paths. Only truth telling must go forward, and no human system can be corrected. Yahusha I pray your return to hasten.

1 year ago

Hi Jerry. Not from Brisbane i’m afraid. Much lower down, or round or over, or under, depending on if you are a flat earther i suppose. I live in Victoria. 😊 and assume the world is flat, according to how the bible describes it 😊

1 year ago

Just a sidenote. It doesn’t seem to matter one little bit, if one is just around the corner, or across the other side of the world. These days especially, at least to me, it feels like all the faithful are sitting in a common loungeroom, all drinking tea and feeling all together and gaining strength from each other. To every person reading this, i send love and strength .

1 year ago

Morning Jerry. Greetings from Oz. You made me cry over breakfast with this post. Especially the part where you say about the people you love and are destined to protect until the end. Then i opened my eyes and felt a tremendous strength and stillness. I send you so much love and, ‘ comradeship’. Is that even a word?. It looks wrong but feels right🤔 Holding strong in the faith. All the strength to you 💚

Welcome To The War
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