So-Called Christian Evangelicals Endorse ‘Vaccine’ As ‘Faith In Jesus’. Human Babies Butchered Alive To Make Vaccines.

A big evangelical church movement is calling it an act of faith in Jesus to have faith in ‘science’, and telling everyone that it is a ‘christian’ thing to get the coming corona virus vaccine.  This is exceptionally alarming, considering that the formula for many DNA-modifying ‘vaccine’ has in itcomponents taken from the beating heart of babies who have been pulled from the womb of their mothers and sliced open for the live heart cells, killing the babies in the process.

The U.S. government has made grants totaling nearly $2 billion in support of the development of COVID-19 vaccines using fetal cell lines. Most of this funding has been awarded through the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), a division within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

It Gets Worse

Murdered children are no deterrents for these 2700 listed pastors and church leaders.  If you are this kind of ‘christian’, you are nothing but a fraud and have no relationship with the Father Yahuah, nor His son Yahusha.  Those who find this in any way acceptable serve satan.

Watch this video through completely and you will understand fully.  The christian church is a whitewashed tomb.

Vaccines, many of them, are made with body parts taken from live-born babies.  Body parts including the hearts and brains of live born, healthy babies.

In this interview with Dr. Robert Kennedy Jr. ( who is a London School of Economics-trained lawyer) and Dr. Theresa Deisher (Stanford University/research scientist), Dr. Deisher explains how live-born babies are butchered for body parts to make vaccines.

If this video is ever gone and you cannot view it, please comment below and I will replace it of youtube censors it.

Dr. Kennedy does have a speech condition, so be patient with his voice and how he talks. He is a brilliant and honest man with high moral standards who works hard to do good for all of us.

At 12 minutes, Dr. Deishel begins discussing the baby-butchering process, and it is terrible. But you must know what goes into making these so-called ‘vaccines.’ Knowing, you must then act.

So it is plain to see that there is no part of God in this murderous, satanic ‘scientific community’ of baby-butchers who tinker with human DNA in order to modify YOUR DNA and that of your children.

Would you inject into yourself the DNA of a child murdered to make money off selling ‘vaccines’?


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